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Ambient Experience, Patient-friendly care

A visit to the hospital can be a cold, impersonal event. A certain discomfort or anxiety – even fear - is a typical patient reaction. When it comes to medical imaging, Philips Healthcare is working to improve your experience.


Technological advancements have been dramatic, but we’ve never lost focus on the most important element – the patient. With an attentive eye to ‘human design’ we’ve re-engineered the medical imaging environment to reflect a gentler, more calming atmosphere. We call it Ambient Experience.


Customer Centric

Let’s face it. Medical imaging equipment like a CT or MR can be big and imposing systems. Instead of placing them in a bright, cold room, we enveloped them in warm, welcoming surroundings. We’ve tailored the complete imaging experience with your comfort in mind.


A less stressful experience

You relinquish control to virtual strangers when you are scanned in a CT or MR. But with Ambient Experience we give some of it back. Just prior to the exam, you may select from several pleasant themes by pressing a touchscreen tablet. 


Then, as you enter the imaging suite, the room is transformed with projected thematic images and dynamic colored lighting designed to relax and soothe. Walls appear to fade away. Calming sounds and music wrap you in a peaceful ambience. This environment may:

Reduce your stress level

Maximize interaction between you and the medical staff

Help you lie as still as required


People-focused healthcare

We’ve completed Ambient Experience installations for many of our imaging systems including interventional X-ray, CT and MR. We’ve even helped hospitals take the concept beyond the imaging suite to changing rooms, waiting areas and exam rooms.


We’ve drawn upon the capabilities of Philips Healthcare, Philips Consumer Lifestyle and Philips Lighting to create the Ambient Experience. It is our commitment to people focused healthcare.

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