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The ultra close shave

For men who only want the very best, this two header SmartTouch-XL shaver combines advanced Speed-XL shaving heads with the unique SmartTouch Contour Following system for a fast, smooth, close shave with less irritation.

Product features

  • Super Lift & Cut technology

    The dual blade system of this electric shaver lifts hairs to cut comfortably below skin level.

  • Precision Cutting System

    The electric shaver has ultra thin heads with slots to shave the long hairs and holes to shave even the shortest stubble.

  • Washable shaver

    The waterproof shaver can be easily rinsed under the tap.

  • SmartTouch Contour-following: for a fast and efficient shave

    Constantly keeps the 2 shaving heads in close contact with your skin for a fast and efficient shave.

  • Speed-XL shaving heads: for a fast and close shave

    The two shaving tracks offer 50% more shaving surface for a fast and close shave. *compared to standard rotary shaving heads.

  • Individually floating heads

    Align the razor sharp blades closer to your skin for exceptional closeness.

  • Reflex Action system

    Automatically adjust to every curve of your face and neck for flexible, smoother shaving.

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