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Fast, fresh and fun

The Philips Mini-Blender helps preparing fun recipes like smoothies, shakes, soups, dips, exotic cocktails or decadent desserts… In just seconds, you can prepare up to two portions, using delicious fresh ingredients. Enjoy!.

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Product features

  • 600 ml jar

    With the 600 ml jar, you can ideally store two portions.

  • 2 beakers with lid

    2 beakers with lid, good for storage or take away.

  • Chopper for chopping various ingredients

    The Philips blender accessory complete your blender. This chopper chops vegetables like onions, herbs, nuts and meat into fine pieces.

  • Detachable blade unit for easy cleaning

    Clean easily and effectively by removing the blade from the jar.

  • Recipe book included

    This recipe book contains recipes of delicious shakes, soups, cocktails, dips and so much more.

  • Smoothie beaker

    Smoothie beaker, make your individual smoothie and take it wherever you want.

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