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Philips  InfraCare infrared lamp 650W HP3643

Effective pain relief

InfraCare infrared lamp HP3643/01

Deep penetrating infrared warmth

Philips InfraCare gives effective pain relief for muscles and joints. Its 650 W infrared lamp is very comfortable and the infrared warmth penetrates deep into the skin, stimulates blood circulation and gives relief for half-body areas of 60x40 cm.
Philips InfraCare infrared lamp HP3643 650W Half body treatment 124cm high 4.2 5 13 13
it relieves joints and muscle aches but the heat generates is like in sauna. will have to switch on air-conditioned, if not, will perspire much. It does have certain effect to ease some aches. 24 August 2013
effective relief my back pain! just work after 2 days used!! 29 May 2012
Good product to relief my muscle ache.;; Add a timer for a newer version which the smaller version have. 28 May 2012
I always wake up in the morning with pain in the joint of my leg. I found the Infrared HP3643 effetive in reliefing pain in joints of my leg.; 27 May 2012
Great product.; Help me to relieve the stress pain on my back. 28 April 2012
Very good in relieving my back pain 12 March 2012
A good way to relieve fatigue muscles.Highly recommended for people with back ache. 18 February 2012
Relieve pain fast! 11 February 2012
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Effective pain relief

  • Deep penetrating Infrared warmth

Half-body treatment

  • 650 Watt infrared halogen lamp

Easy to use

  • Adjustable angle with rotation
  • Easily reaches neck and shoulders

Stimulated blood circulation

  • Stimulates blood circulation


650 Watt infrared halogen lamp

The Philips InfraCare HP 3643 has been optimised for effective relief of pains in areas covering 60 x 40 cm, such as the entire back, both shoulders and neck or thigh. The InfraCare features innovative infrared halogen lamp technology. The special optics, filter and the powerful halogen lamp of 650 Watt have been optimised, enabling half-body treatment (60 x 40cm), and much more comfortable warmth, as the infrared warmth is more equally divided over the treatment area.

650 Watt infrared halogen lamp
Adjustable angle with rotation

Adjustable angle with rotation

The InfraCare HP 3643 is easy to use for half-body-treatment and for different situations (e.g. lying on a bed or couch) due its maximum flexibility. Next to the height adjustment, the lamphouse can easily be positioned to optimally treat the right body part, by moving the lamphouse into a horizontal or vertical position (left/right 90 degrees) and by tilting it up or down (45 degrees).

Easily reaches neck and shoulders

The InfraCare HP3643 can easily reach neck shoulders to give optimal warmth treatment of sore muscles. The height of the lamp house can be extended from 60 to 120 cm, so it offers a covenient position whether you are lying on a bed or sitting on a chair.

Easily reaches neck and shoulders
Deep penetrating Infrared warmth

Deep penetrating Infrared warmth

Infrared light has been proven to effectively relieve aches and pains caused by muscular pains and stiff joints. The comfortable warmth created by infrared light penetrates deep into your skin, stimulates blood circulation and warms your muscles. As your muscles are soothed, they automatically loosen up and relax. Because it makes the tissue more pliable, warmth also reduces stiffness and makes joints more flexible.

Stimulates blood circulation

Infrared light and warmth penetrates deep into your skin, stimulating blood circulation and dilating blood vessels. Furthermore, infrared light speeds up the metabolic processes and the removel of waste substances from the body.

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