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Our bag range has unmatched suction power, innovative and effective nozzles, that deliver unparalleled performance, as a result of our investment in our technology.
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Our innovation centers in Europe and Asia continuously update our technology for new and better ways of delivering high quality performance in our vacuum cleaners. Philips vacuum cleaners with bag are a core part of the Philip's vacuum cleaner range, and gets the full attention of our engineering team. Our bag range has unmatched suction power, innovative and effective nozzles, that deliver unparalleled performance, as a result of our investment in our technology. Furthermore, we pay attention to the disposal process of the dust bag, and make sure it is hygienic, and easy to place in the bin. Our vacuum cleaners with bag have engineered filters, with multi-layered filtration systems, thus the air leaving the vacuum is cleaner than the air entering. Our bag range provides excellent cleaning solutions for your carpets and hard floors.
  • High suction power
  • Up to 5L dust chamber
  • High performance, standadized s-bags

Our bagless range is built with Philips PowerCyclone technology, which ensures the most efficient separation of dust and dirt, for a thorough clean.
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Our bagless range of appliances are built with Philips PowerCyclone technology, which ensures the most efficient separation of dust and dirt as it comes into the vacuum. These vacuums do not require bags, and are built for long lasting performance. These appliances collect dirt in a small receptacle that can be emptied as needed, with no loss of suction power during the cleaning process. The dust receptacle is visible , so you see the dirt and debris as it accumulates, making it easy to empty the bin when it is full. All our bag less vacuums provide a cleaning performance for a thorough clean. They are powerful, yet easy to use.
  • PowerCyclone technology
  • Easy empty dust container
  • Available with AeroSeal nozzle

Handheld vacuums are ideal for quick cleaning. Philips handhelds are convenient way to tackle the daily dirt and dust that accumulates in your home and car.
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A handheld vacuum cleaner is ideal for your quick cleaning needs. Philips handhelds offer a convenient solution to tackle the daily dirt and dust that accumulates in your home and car. Those unforeseen spills, crumbs after dinner, pet hair, can be easily dealt with in one go. The bagless cyclonic airflow and aerodynamic nose design guarantees an efficient cleaning system. Our handheld are easy to use, lightweight and ergonomic, and come with accessories for all cleaning needs: from delicate surfaces such as a sofa to hard-to-reach areas and corners, even carpets and hard floors. And lastly, they offer powerful suction ensuring an effective clean-up. Choose the one you prefer among our extensive range of handhelds: Corded or Cordless, Wet & Dry; Lightweight; Home and Car. Make your life easier with Philips handheld vacuum cleaners.
  • Bagless cyclonic system
  • Home and Car cleaning
  • Wide range of accessories

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PowerCyclone technology separates dust and air in one go.

The PowerCyclone technology delivers cleaning results in one go through 3 highly efficient steps:

  1. 1Air enters fast into the PowerCyclone thanks to the straight and smooth air inlet.
  2. 2The curved airpass quickly accelerates the air upwards in the cyclonic chamber.
  3. 3At the top of the cyclone, the exit blades effectively separate the dust from the air.

AeroSeal Nozzle

The AeroSeal nozzle captures more dust and fluff per stroke. It gently opens up the carpet to remove the dust deep down. The optimal seal within product, contains the air and dust, the dust is transported into the cyclone with maximum airflow.

AeroSeal Nozzle captures more dust and fluff per stroke in three ways:

  •  Specially designed soleplate creates airtight seal for optimal suction.
  •  Seal opens the fibers in your carpet to remove deep down dust.
  •  Optimal airflow transports all dust quickly into the cyclone.

Easy to use

Easy to empty dust container

  •  The dust container is perfectly designed to dispose dust without creating a dust cloud. Thanks to its unique shape and smooth surface, dust is collected at one side of the container and evenly glides into the dust bin.

Purposeful Design

For the exterior of our range, the focus is on purposeful design with big wheels, sturdy handles and new colors.

We have enhanced the user interface.

  •  Easy to operate buttons
  •  Easy to release couplings
  •  Smooth operating telescopic tubes
  •  Big Wheels


AirflowMax Technology

Optimizers airflow within dust compartment, allowing the dust bag to unfold uniformly, together this results in highest suction power, even as the bag fills up*. With no let-up in performance.

*Suction power tested in accordance with international standard IEC 60312-1, tested by external test institute SLG Prüf- und Zertifizierungs GmbH (Philips Consumer Lifestyle B.V., August 2012)

TriActive + nozzle

Philips patented, advanced new nozzle, combines 3-in-1 cleaning action, where the large opening in the front, picks up the bigger bits and crumbs. The unique sole plate gently opens the carpet and removes the dirt deep within. And the side brushes, they remove dust and dirt close to the walls and around the furniture.

SmartLock coupling

Our telescopic tubes are easy to extend and retract with quick releases.


Fast-rotating brushes

Powerful, yet gentle micro-fiber brushes deliver an astounding 6700 rpm to effectively remove dirt, liquids, and stains, while adapting to different shapes of the floor. It even gets into crevices. Brushes are self-cleaning , as the constant stream of clean water from the water tank is applied throughout the process, and the force of the rotating brushes, drive the dirt, into the dirty water receptacle.


AquaTrio simultaneously vacuums, mops and dries hard floors, saving you up to 50% time and effort. Fast-rotating micro-fiber brushes thoroughly remove dirt, stains and liquids in one pass, giving you perfect results.
Triple-Acceleration Technology delivers three simultaneous cleaning actions:

  •  Cyclonic vacuuming: efficiently sucks up dust and loose dirt
  •  Wet mopping: the first fast-rotating brush removes stains and spills effectively
  •  Drying: the second fast-rotating brush absorbs the remaining water, reducing drying time by up to 50%*

* Compared to vacuuming with a 2200 W vacuum cleaner and regular mopping.

Philips Floor Care 40 Years of Innovation

Philips made its debut into floor care in 1951 with the introduction of the SZ325 and SZ250. In these first years Philips sold vacuum cleaners produced by a local, Dutch manufacturer. In 1972 Philips integrated the Floor Care division. Over the past 40 years Philips has brought innovative and well designed products to the market, focused on powerful cleaning performance. With advancements such as the telescopic tube and infra-red remote control, Philips has led advancements in cleaning appliances improving usability and maneuverability. We are proud of our products, such as the Performer, the most powerful vacuum cleaner ever, with an unrivaled suction power.

Click on the arrows or circles to view the full journey.

1951 - The Beginning: The first Philips Vacuum Cleaners

In 1951 Philips entered the floor care market by selling vacuum cleaners, produced by the Dutch manufacturer Van Der Heem.


1964 - Philips introduced a vacuum cleaner with swivel hose connection and cord winder, an advanced cleaner for its time time, improving vacuum cleaner maneuverability.

1972 - Philips Floor Care is born

In 1972 Philips integrated Floor Care within Philips, with the acquisition of the Dutch manufacturer Van Der Heem.

1980's - Innovation

The '80s saw innovation from Philips, with the introduction of the wired remote control, and the AFS Micro filter, designed to filter dust and ensure clean exhaust air.

1990's - New features

In the '90s, Philips, still maintaining our focus on new innovations to that provide superior performance, introduces the infrared remote control, a first in the market. This new feature, makes vacuums even easier to use. In this decade, we also introduced the turbo compressor motor, an efficient, compact motor, allowing for small and powerful vacuum cleaners such as the Mobilo.

2000-2005 - Nozzle technology

Philips has long focused on the nozzle technology, a key element on a vacuum. The Super Parquet nozzle with rotating microfiber pads introduced in 2001, was quickly followed by the TriActive nozzle in 2003. This iconic nozzle continues to resonate strongly with our vacuum owners.

2005-2010 - Compact & Bagless

Compact vacuum ranges were introduced in 2001, with the Specialist, delivering versatile cleaning solutions.

The launch of the popular Marathon in 2005, Philips stepped into the bagless category, offering high cleaning power that lasts.

Philips continued to also innovate within the bag cleaners. Our star, the Performer, Philips best selling vacuum , is now in more than 1.8 million households, and still going strong.

2010 and beyond

We continue to apply our design architecture, innovative new technologies, and push to excel in the performance of our vacuum cleaners, by advancing our products at every introduction, with new features and technology improvements.

Packed with innovation and continuously inspired by the people who own our vacuum cleaners, we are confident that the best is yet to come. We aim to surprise you with carefully designed, innovative cleaning solutions that give the best cleaning result on all floors, without compromising on design or performance.

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