‘Future Living Spaces in Singapore’ Contest Winning and Finalist Submissions

November 18, 2011

Award Summary

Best Idea Name:  Lita

The Soil Box 
Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts

Inspired by the usage of soil in the past, this cooling box is intended as a means of storing food, using soil, water and plants to cool its contents. The metals surrounding the box will help insulate the box and transfer the temperature to its contents. A water generator system was added in below the box to absorb vapour from the storage compartment, and at the same time, supply water to the herbs on both sides of the box.

The Soil Box can be used individually or with the water generator. When stacked, they act as a kitchen table which allows the user to plant herbs for cooking purposes. After cutting, peeling and preparation of a dish, the user simply has to push the organic waste forward onto the soil and it will eventually fertilize the growing herbs.

Most Innovative Name:   Ho Wing Hong
             Nur Syafiqah Masnor
             Soh Zheng Xun
             Khoo Ru Jun

Tackling the Problems of Global Warming-
G-Float Residences
 School: Singapore Polytechnic
 The inspiration for this project is ‘flowers floating on the surface of the water’. The Earth’s surface is predominantly water, which leaves great potential for future development at sea. Resources at sea are plentiful and food can be obtained from marine life.
The flower drifting with the currents is the inspiration for mobile living. Small-scale structures come together as a community. The mobile, free floating structures allow for highly convenient and flexible development, where energy can be harvested from sunlight, wind or water currents. This is a solution for possible rising sea levels.

Most Inspiring Name:  Cindy Tionata Woeng

 School: Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts
 With globalization and migration, social integration and harmony is a challenge faced by many countries, including Singapore. The objective of this project is to strengthen the bond between people, increase the sense of togetherness and make people more aware of each other’s presence, especially in public spaces where people meet but do not interact.
‘Soul’ is an outdoor public lighting system which uses sensors to detect the presence of people. The lights will get brighter when there are more people and dimmer when there are less. This encourages people to interact with each other. The light itself represents the human soul. Humans are born social beings that thrive on interaction with others and based on this belief, ‘Soul’ is a system that help to bring people together and rekindle our ‘kampong spirit’.


Consolation Prize Winners

Name: Basheer Mohamed Haroon
School: Temasek Polytechnic
 Efficient Lighting and Optimizing Space

Name: Lim Yong Kang
School:Temasek Polytechnic
 Be-Ca Future Transportation

Name: Tan Yue Han
School: Institute of Technical Education (East)
 Innovations for our future

Name: Francis Ho Kin Lam
School:Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts
 Shangri La: Bringing Green to Our Train Stations 

Name: Kenneth Sim Shi Chang
School:Temasek Polytechnic

Name: Juventia Tjahyono
School:Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts
 Future Walking Stick 

Name: Mok Zilong Steward
School:Institute of Technical Education (West)
 Home Safety Guardian 

Name: Nur Sakina bte Najib
School:Temasek Polytechnic

Name: Mark Chan Jian Ming
School:Nanyang Technological University
 Synthesis - A Vibrant Student Hostel in the Heart of the City

Name: Melvil Seah Weng Kang
School:Ngee Ann Polytechnic
 Singapore 2021 : A Compact, Efficient & Sustainable City

Name: Lee Xi Zhe
School:Ngee Ann Polytechnic

Name: Joshua Tan Jia
School:Institute of Technical Education(West)

Name: Liu Yi Wen
School:Temasek Polytechnic
 Swinng, the outdoor kitchen 

Name: Mohammad Azhar Bin Aziz
School:Ngee Ann Polytechnic
 Eco-Bus Stops 

Name: Lau Liang Cheng
School:Singapore Polytechnic
 Envision The Future : Eco-Cube

Name: Tan Yi Jie Karyl
School:Temasek Polytechnic
 An Oasis named Walter - Walk on Water :
A response to Increased Urbanization

Name: Natalie Tan Hui Min
School:LASALLE College of the Arts
 Fresh Grown Homes!