The ‘+’ Project by Philips

September 4, 2013

With more than 120 years of innovation experience and deep customer insights, Philips is committed to deliver innovation that matters, by partnering governments and relevant stakeholders to address modern day challenges in Asia Pacific through The ‘+’ Project.


Combining expertise from its business sectors and innovation capabilities, The '+' Project aims to promote healthier living, make healthcare systems more affordable and accessible and improve the livability of cities. To do this, Philips engages with local communities to identify and co-develop meaningful solutions that address local health and well-being challenges.


Philips believes that today’s health and well-being challenges cannot be addressed by any entity in isolation. That’s why we take an approach where we listen intently to what our customers and stakeholders need, then partner where possible to co-create solutions and ultimately deliver real, meaningful innovations that improve the quality of people’s lives.


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The ‘+’ Project by Philips in Singapore

Philips launched The ‘+’ Project in Singapore in late 2012. Working with industry partners, the company co-developed and promoted five ideas to address key health and well-being concerns of Singaporeans. Philips pledged US$50,000 to realize the winning idea, and asked the people of Singapore to share their views. Over a ten-week period, Singaporeans voted for their favorite idea in an online survey.


In December 2012, Philips announced that more than 6,800 votes were received and the winning idea was ‘Healthier Schools, Brighter Kids’. Forty-five percent of participants had backed the idea to help make the school environment healthier for children.


Philips also released results from its online survey on the personal health and well-being concerns of the residents of Singapore. The findings showed 78 percent of respondents are satisfied with their quality of life, and that a key determinant of satisfaction is their work-life balance. People who rated their work-life balance positively tend to be more satisfied with their quality of sleep (60 percent) and their current eating habits (73 percent) than those who do not have good work-life balance. People who rated their work-life balance negatively also ranked all other drivers negatively. The survey results were published in a press release.


Realizing the winning idea for Singapore: Healthier Schools, Brighter Kids

After Singapore voted to implement the ‘Healthier Schools, Brighter Kids’ concept, Philips got to work identifying the schools and partners that could make it happen. Eventually, Philips decided to partner three primary schools to implement the program, including Gongshang. Over a few months, Philips worked closely with the schools to define how, based on its expertise and those of its partners, the health and well-being of students can be enhanced.


Ultimately, the collaboration with the schools and partners helped create the various activities and initiatives under the Healthier Schools Brighter Kids program. These focus on three areas – Healthy Eating, Healthy Sleep and Healthy Eyes. In addition, activities were created not only for children, but also reaches out to teachers, parents and canteen vendors as they are key influencers to help enhance children’s health and well-being. Over six-months, some of the key initiatives being rolled out by Philips in the three schools as part of the Healthier School Brighter Kids program are:


StudentsParents       Teachers
Healthy Eating   
  • A series of specially developed cooking classes by experts were introduced to the students. Hands-on cooking sessions to teach the students how to make simple balanced meals were complemented by information on nutrition, the importance of breakfast, fruits and vegetables. Students learnt how they can prepare simple meals that incorporate what’s essential to help them grow, learn and stay alert in class.
  • Philips hopes to instill good eating habits and empower children with knowledge on ways to achieve healthier meals with quick and easy recipes.
  • Philips engaged nutritionists who shared tips on nutrition and a balanced healthy lifestyle.
  • The sessions dispelled several common food myths (e.g. sea salt is healthier than table salt; a detox diet is crucial to cleanse the body).
  • Sessions also imparted the importance of healthy food preparation methods, and provided tips to prepare quick, yet balanced and healthy kid-friendly meals.
Healthy Sleep 
  • Philips engaged a sleep doctor to conduct an assembly talk to inform children about healthier sleep habits and how sleep affects their concentration in class and overall health.
  • Tips were provided to the children on how they can improve the quality of their sleep.
  • Philips engaged a sleep doctor to inform parents about the impact of sleep on children’s health, concentration and learning abilities.
  • Parents picked up some tips on how they can modify certain habits, behaviors and environmental conditions to improve the length and quality of sleep, both for their children as well as themselves.
Healthy Eyes 
  • Philips produced a fun and interactive skit which taught children about eye care and how they can take better care of their eyes (such as by taking regular breaks while using devices).
  • Philips engaged an optometrist to speak about eye care, how they can take better care of their children’s eyes by paying attention to details in their environment, diet, and habits which can negatively impact eye health.


Philips also worked with the schools and nutritionists to provide the schools’ canteen vendors with tips and suggestions on enhancing the nutritional value of their food offerings.


Philips expects to reach 300 teachers, 300 parents, 30 canteen vendors and more than 3,600 students across the three primary schools through the Healthier Schools, Brighter Kids program. Through this unique, holistic collaboration with parents, teachers and canteen vendors, Philips hopes to enhance the school environment and inculcate healthier living habits that will help the next generation of Singaporean children grow up healthier.


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The ‘+’ Project by Philips in the Asia Pacific

Launched in 2012, The ‘+’ Project has been successfully rolled out in Indonesia, Korea, Singapore and Thailand. Ideas were crowd-sourced and Philips invested to bring winning ideas to life, working with partners to deliver meaningful projects and solutions that address local challenges and improve the lives of people in local communities.


For example, a community park in Thailand was lit with sustainable LED lighting to make it more livable, and safer to enjoy for the people. In Indonesia, bus shelters were lit with sustainable LED lighting, as the local communities found bus shelters dark and unsafe at night. A downloadable application was also specially developed for people in Indonesia to assist in screenings for breast cancer, ensuring an earlier detection. And in Korea, people voted on the crowd-sourced ideas to beautify walkways and provide health guides for new moms, two projects which are currently being implemented by Philips and its partners.


Philips will be launching The ‘+’ Project in more markets in the Asia Pacific region in 2013/2014.


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Quote Sheet

“I learnt to love vegetables and I’ll share what I’ve learnt with my brothers so that fussy eaters like them will learn to love vegetables. A lot of my friends said they did not know vegetables could taste so good.”
- Faith Peh, 10 years old, Gongshang Primary School


“I learnt that we should eat healthily and at times we can make our own breakfast instead of troubling our parents or domestic helpers.”
- Deekshya Panda, 10 years old, Gongshang Primary School


“I hope that students will continue to practise what they’ve learnt in this session in their daily lives – taking care of themselves, leading healthier lifestyles and making wiser food choices.”
- Mrs. How Jia Min, Health Education Coordinator, Gongshang Primary School


“The partnership has helped the school reiterate the importance of maintaining a healthier lifestyle to the children. Students were able to learn many things, such as good eye care habits and how to prepare a healthy sandwich meal. They become more aware that having a healthy meal means being able to concentrate better in class.”
- Mrs. Pearlyn Ang, Teacher, Gongshang Primary School


“This project is very unique because it brings together all the stakeholders. The Philips ‘+’ project involves teachers, parents, kids themselves. A new aspect of their approach is to include canteen vendors and introduce them to healthy cooking methods so that kids can eat healthily not just at home but also in school.”
- Mrs. Kalpana Bhaskaran, Manager of Nutrition Research, Applied Food Science & Nutrition, Temasek Polytechnic


“Healthier Schools, Brighter Kids has provided parents like me with useful information. Sleep problems are an issue in our family, and the talk on sleep have given us a deeper understanding about how to manage sleep patterns for our two boys. The nutrition talk dispelled myths about food, and helped our boys gained greater awareness of the benefits of what they are eating.”
- Mdm. Yvonne Choo, parent of two children from Gongshang Primary School.


“Children in Singapore are sleeping less and spending more time doing homework or interacting on social media till late at night. Even if they are put to bed, when the parents switch off the lights, they still switch on their devices and are on social media again. The light emitted from these devices upsets the circadian rhythm which leads to further sleep problems.”
- Dr. Tripat Deep Singh, Philips Healthcare



Additional Information for Media


Gongshang Primary’s ‘Healthier Schools, Brighter Kids’ Programme

Overview of Gongshang Primary School

A healthy, confident, gracious and morally upright pupil with a passion for learning and love for Singapore


To provide a safe and happy environment for our pupils to strive towards excellence


Perseverance, Thrift, Integrity, Respect


School Profile
Gongshang Primary has a total of 1500 students. Besides the Principal, the school has 2 Vice Principals (Academic), 1 Vice Principal (Administration), and there are about 120 teachers, Allied Educators as well as Executive & Administrative staff.


Gongshang Primary School was founded in 1920 and had its humble beginnings as a night school located in Tanjong Pagar. The relocation of the school to the heartland in Tampines has allowed it to forge closer ties with the community and the different partners. The school has since undergone phases of leadership change but the tradition of building collaborative partnership with the community continues, as is embedded in the school vision, mission and values.


As a government and co-education school, Gongshang Primary has stayed true to its core purpose of providing a broad-based holistic education to help the school achieve its vision.  With the Philips ‘+’ Project, Gongshang Primary saw a great opportunity to collaborate with experts to value add and enhance students’ learning to develop 21st Century disposition and competencies as well as the engagement of its stakeholders such as the parents and canteen vendors as key partners.


Gongshang Primary has continued with the rich traditions of its history whilst reviewing its internal processes to ensure a more focused and aligned approach by leveraging on key partnerships to achieve maximum student outcomes. The school will continue to work with its valued partners – its parents, its School Advisory Committee (SAC), the Health Promotion Board through the ‘Health Eating in Schools’ Programme (HESP) and industry partners like Philips to complement its existing programmes. It will continue to enhance its existing partnerships whilst exploring new ones to meet the demands of emerging trends and areas of focus to take the school to another phase of excellence, providing each and every child who passes through its gates a total education for life, as it moves closer to realising its vision.

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