Philips showcases exciting line-up of Personal Health innovations at the Philips Innovation Experience Singapore 2015

An inspirational showcase of Personal Health innovations that empower people to live healthier lives

November 4, 2015

Singapore – The inaugural Philips Innovation Experience Singapore 2015, taking place from 4 to 5 November at the Hotel Fort Canning, will see Philips unveil a range of Personal Health innovations in a unique showcase of products themed around "Empowering Healthy Living", enabling consumers to make positive choices for a healthier lifestyle.


With urban city living and changing household demographics particularly in the growing middle class, consumers are becoming increasingly conscious of their personal health and well-being.


At the event, Philips will explore how technology can make our homes healthier and tailored to our lifestyles through a portfolio of products and innovations in Air, Floor Care, Oral Healthcare and Kitchen Appliances. These innovative products empower people to be healthier and enable people to live well at home.


"Consumers are increasingly looking for smart innovations that help them to be healthy, live well and enjoy life. At the Philips Innovation Experience event, we are showcasing innovations in personal health and well-being that truly matter to consumers, and demonstrating Philips’ commitment to delivering solutions that will transform people’s lives. Our latest launches in Air, Floor Care, Oral Healthcare and Kitchen Appliances have been specifically developed to fit seamlessly into our homes and lifestyles," said Mr. Andrew Sia, General Manager, Personal Health, Philips Singapore.


For ultimate convenience, Philips adds new innovation to its Floor Care portfolio


Philips PowerPro Aqua (FC6401)


The Philips PowerPro Aqua can vacuum and mop the everyday mess from your floors in one stroke. Suitable for all floors, you can seamlessly switch between cleaning hard and soft floors, dramatically reducing the time spent having to mop and vacuum your floors separately.


Philips’ PowerCyclone bag-less technology delivers high vacuuming results in one go by effectively separating dust from air. The innovative mopping system, with washable microfiber pads and optimal wetness, then makes it easy to remove those everyday stains and grime from hard floors. Powerful in-built Lithium batteries also allow you to clean anywhere, without the restrictions of a power cord. Thanks to the click-on water mopping system and one-step-empty dust bucket, cleaning your floors becomes quick and easy.



Available in Singapore from November 2015



Philips PowerPro Aqua


Unleash maximum taste with minimum fuss with new innovation in Kitchen Appliances


Get great tasting rice with the Philips Avance Collection Rice cooker, featuring the revolutionary "Omnispiral" IH patented heating technology1. The innovative Philips electric rice cooker breaks away from traditional heating with the pioneering Omnispiral IH technology which alternates the heating power so the heat circles each grain of rice from two directions. For a golden ratio, heat is alternated precisely for perfectly cooked rice.


The rice cooker also boasts a double solenoid panel using high-quality pure copper to ensure effective heat conduction as well as a fragrance-retaining valve2 which effectively controls the release of steam using, allowing rice to retain maximum fragrance.


RRP: Not available

Available in Singapore from Q1-Q2 2016

Philips Avance Collection

Rice cooker


Live and breathe with ease, with the next generation of Smart Air Purifiers


The Philips Air Purifier 3000 series is designed to be a convenient solution for families with young children. Its ability to remove many irritants, like pollen and pet hair, will finally allow allergy sufferers to find the relief they are looking for.


Offering vital reassurance that the air you breathe at home is clean, it features Philips’ new Aerasense technology. This advanced sensor accurately measures PM2.5 particles, which are so small that individually they can only be detected with an electron microscope. Philips’ Aerasense technology, more accurate than other infrared LED sensors3, provides

instant numerical PM2.5 feedback, helping you to monitor and control your indoor air quality in real-time.



Available in Singapore from Q1 2016

Philips Air Purifier

3000 series


Philips Air Purifier (AC6608/00)


The new Philips Air Purifier series is a high performing air purifier featuring heavy-duty NanoProtect Plus filters, combined with the dual air intake and TwinPower fans that helps to quickly improve indoor air quality – even in larger rooms.


Designed to remove fine dust, house mites, allergens and pet hair, it’s the perfect solution for people who suffer from allergies. To help create cleaner air at home for you and your family, it features both Philips’ new Aerasense technology and its innovative filtration technology, VitaShield IPS.


RRP: Not Available

Available in Singapore from Q3-Q4 2016

Philips Air Purifier


Designed to achieve healthier gums in just four weeks[3]


Clean between your teeth with the revolutionary Philips Sonicare AirFloss Pro that combines air and micro-droplet technology to remove up to 99.9%4 of plaque.


Flossing has never been more convenient with a triple burst customizable setting that gives off three bursts of air with the press of a button. With a nozzle that amplifies the power of air to ensure grime gets removed from hard to reach places, your teeth are left feeling squeaky clean all day.


Achieve optimal plaque removal in lesser the time as you clean your entire mouth in less than 60 seconds.



Available in Singapore from November 2015



Philips Sonicare

AirFloss Pro


All these innovations are showcased at the Philips Innovation Experience Singapore 2015 from 4 – 5 November at Hotel Fort Canning. For more information, visit: 


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[1] "Omnispiral" IH patented technology-patent no.201420105084.0

[2] Fragrance-retaining valve-patent no.201420122364.2

[3] Up to 8 times less chance of false-safe air quality indication compared to industry used Infrared LED sensor

[3] Amini P, et al. A study to assess the effects of Philips Sonicare AirFloss Pro, when used with antimicrobial rinse, on gum health and plaque removal. Data on file, 2014.

[4] In a lab study, actual in-mouth results

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