Philips showcases meaningful solutions for a better, more sustainable future at the Philips Innovation Experience Singapore 2015

An inspirational event to experience how Philips delivers personal, meaningful innovation that has a positive impact on people’s lives.

November 4, 2015

Singapore – Today, Fabian Wong, Chief Executive Officer of Philips ASEAN and Pacific (NYSE: PHG, AEX: PHIA), will open the Philips Innovation Experience Singapore 2015 to media, customers and partners.


Themed around "Advancing Healthcare", "Empowering Healthy Living", and "Smarter Connected Cities", the Philips Innovation Experience will showcase solutions to address the challenges facing the world of today and tomorrow.


At the inaugural Philips Innovation Experience Singapore event, Philips will introduce innovative solutions that empower people to live healthier lives across the health continuum, and ways in which advanced lighting solutions can create safer and more sustainable cities.


"Innovation continues to be our top most priority and we are constantly pushing the boundaries to improve people’s lives through technology. As our world becomes increasingly connected, our focus has shifted from building products to designing total solutions. At the Philips Innovation Experience, we will show how these solutions will transform people’s lives, from empowering healthy living to advancing healthcare and to creating smarter connected cities," said Mr. Wong.



Thanks to advances in imaging and monitoring technologies, combined with rapid development in digital health data and cloud computing, Philips is leading the transformation of the healthcare industry and creating highly integrated, personalized care with better outcomes at lower costs.


Philips targeted therapy in prostate cancer

With 1 out of 6 men facing prostate cancer during their lifetime, Philips is committed to collaborating with its clinical partners on the development of solutions that help clinicians to treat or manage the cancer in a more personalized and affordable way. Focal brachytherapy is a minimally-invasive cancer treatment that uses implanted radioactive ‘seeds’ to kill prostate tumors. Positioning the radioactive seeds at the right location, close to the prostate tumor, is very important, because incorrect treatment delivery could lead to severe side effects, such as incontinence and erectile dysfunction. Philips is currently developing a prototype GPS-like support tool that could help guide surgeons during focal brachytherapy delivery, with the aim to increase the chance of ‘first-time-right’ treatment.


At the same time, Philips also understands that the diagnosis of prostate cancer can be overwhelming for patients. To help cancer patients take an active role in making treatment choices, Philips is unveiling ProstAid, a prototype web-based app, designed to provide an easy-to-understand shortlist of the most suitable treatment options and supporting information that is personalized for the patient.



Worldwide, and particularly in the growing middle class, people are becoming more conscious of their personal health and well-being. Philips will showcase how cloud-based solutions can provide care across the health continuum and connect the patient from the hospital to their home, and how they can make positive choices for a healthier lifestyle. Philips supports and catalyzes these developments, empowering people to live healthier lives through its innovations.


At the Philips Innovation Experience 2015, Philips will demonstrate how technology can make our homes healthier and tailored to our lifestyles, and how personalized digital solutions can help people living with disabilities or chronic diseases manage their condition from the comfort of their own home.


Philips PulseRelief

An app-enabled TENS (Trancutaneous Electronic Nerve Stimulation) device that helps users choose and control personal treatment to relieve pain. PulseRelief offers a drug-free solution to help chronic pain sufferers manage their pain discreetly. The app optimizes use of the device and allows users to track their pain before and after treatment, and over time using their tablet or smartphone.


Philips BlueControl

Psoriasis vulgaris is a chronic, incurable skin disease that can impact every aspect of a patient’s life. Philips has developed a wearable drug-free therapy that controls mild-to-moderate psoriasis vulgaris with blue LED light, reducing the redness, scaling, thickness and extent of psoriasis vulgaris plaques across the body. It’s an effective at-home therapy which can be easily integrated into a patient’s daily routine.


Cloud-based solutions for collaborative care

Chronic diseases such as heart disease, diabetes and respiratory disease are on the rise globally and require life-long monitoring and support once diagnosed. Patients with multiple chronic conditions can require even more support. The eCareCompanion and eCareCoordinator are the first two clinical applications developed to be used on the cloud-based Philips Digital Health Platform to help care-givers monitor and engage patients with multiple chronic conditions in their homes.



Philips, as the global leader in lighting, is taking light beyond illumination. By connecting LED lighting to sensors, controls, networks, devices and apps, Philips enables its customers to create amazing new lighting experiences and to achieve outstanding business outcomes while saving up to 80% on energy. Philips is taking lighting into a fully digital world in which it connects people, places and devices – and creates safe and sustainable homes and public environments.


Philips Power-over-Ethernet (PoE) connected office lighting system

Last year, Philips launched the world’s first complete Power-over-Ethernet (PoE) connected lighting system for open-plan offices that gives workers personal control of their office lighting via their smartphone, and building managers new insights into building usage. The intelligent lighting system can incorporate sensors to provide encrypted occupancy and climate data for more efficient facility management and energy savings. At the same time it gives office workers more control of their open-plan environment, aiding comfort and productivity.


Indoor positioning with LED

Philips is piloting a connected lighting system that gives new meaning to personalized shopping. The system uses connected LED in-store lighting to communicate location-based information to shoppers via a smartphone app which they can opt to download. The lighting communicates with the app to send special offers and information to the shopper, relevant to their location in the store.


Philips LED powers city farming

Philips’ knowledge of plants and light is ushering in a new era of City Farming, where food is grown locally in limited spaces without natural daylight. City Farming is a sustainable, reliable and scalable indoor vertical farming system that produces high-quality vegetables, herbs and fruits all year round - in all environments. By bundling a unique combination of LED, dedicated growth recipes, careful climate monitoring and regulation, Philips lighting solutions enable city farmers to grow fresh produces all year round.


Making an impression with Luminous Carpets

Want to make your mark on visitors and guests? Luminous Carpets let you welcome, attract and guide them in ways they have never seen before. Combining Philips LED technology with resilient but luxurious looking Desso carpet, the Luminous Carpet transforms your floor into an innovative tool for informing and inspiring people. A simple touch on your mobile devices unravels a world of dynamic, moving messages and images.


All these innovations are showcased at the Philips Innovation Experience Singapore 2015 from 4 – 5 November at Hotel Fort Canning. For more information, visit: 


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