Frying with air

Discover a healthier way to make your family’s favorite dishes.

No matter where we are or what we’re doing our moms will always wonder whether we’re eating well.

In Singapore many traditional recipes use a lot of oil. Too much oil can be unhealthy, so, to introduce a healthier way of cooking, we teamed up with a couple of moms and gave them a Philips Airfryer. This uses innovative Rapid Air Technology so that up to 80% less oil* is used to cook dishes like French fries and other traditional fried foods.

Food bought outside does not taste the same as a mother’s cooking.”


Noraini Binte Mohammad

The power of homemade food

Kam Ying Wah's cooking reminds her son of their love

Both moms cooked their sons’ favorite dishes with the Philips Airfryer. Once each dish was prepared and cooked, our team delivered the meals to the unsuspecting sons in their places of work. Their reactions show the importance of healthy, homemade food to us all.

Helping people enjoy a healthier diet is all part of our commitment to positively improve the lives of 3 billion people a year by 2025.

*Compared to frying French fries in a conventional Philips deep fat fryer.

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