BlueTouch and PulseRelief: Better living through integrated pain relief


Many people are touched by chronic pain at some point in their lives – a third of adults suffer from musculoskeletal pain from overuse. Chronic pain is especially insidious in that it can greatly hamper a person’s day-to-day life, making simple tasks that we take for granted difficult.

To improve quality of life, we need pain management products that really work without adding to the difficulty of everyday tasks. They need to be non-invasive and effective enough to facilitate as normal and productive a life as possible.

We set out to create drug-free devices that not only help pain sufferers manage their pain discretely, but also actively help them experience better lives. The latest of these innovative health products are the BlueTouch and PulseRelief, which we have integrated with the Philips Treatment app.

Breaking the cycle

Studies have shown that physical activity can have a positive impact on individuals suffering from chronic musculoskeletal pain, ranging from improved physical and mental health to the reduction of sleep and weight problems. Unfortunately, many sufferers find themselves powerless to break the cycle of pain that prevents them from being fully mobile.

An effective way to manage pain

With Philips BlueTouch, we drew from experts across the company to determine the ways in which lighting could be used in pain management. Blue light is particularly beneficial in the treatment of pain as it increases blood flow that supports the body’s natural recovery processes. We harnessed this power in BlueTouch.

Integrated design

In keeping with our drive to make life easier for our consumers, we had to make both of these devices simple enough for everyday users to operate them, while offering full control over their pain management. Therefore, we made both PulseRelief and BlueControl controllable via a smartphone through our Treatment app.

The app is designed to choose, control and customise pain relief programs, giving users the flexibility they need to best manage their own unique kinds of pain. Our development team meticulously tested the app prototypes in order to make them intuitive and emphasise what information was important for patients.

The positive feedback we’ve gotten from patients has reaffirmed our thinking that we can make an incredible difference in people’s lives through consumer-driven research and the integration of new ideas.

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