City Farming:
Leafy vegetables & ripe fruit without daylight


The City Farming revolution starts here. Also known as Vertical Farming, this cultivation process involves growing crops in small interior areas, using multiple layers to maximize production. Ground-breaking LEDs make this dream possible by providing the optimal light spectrum for indoor growth.

"By growing crops vertically, we are able to achieve a higher yield, with a smaller footprint.”

Robert Colangelo, Founding Farmer Green Sense Farms

Growing the future

The United Nations (UN) predicts the world’s population will grow by some 2.5 billion people by 2050, and 80 percent of the world’s population will live in cities. At the same time, 80 percent of the land that is suitable for growing food is already in use. Moreover, extreme weather patterns across the globe have devastated crops, creating higher food prices, and as consumers become more conscious of how their food is produced, it is becoming more difficult for farmers to keep up with urban growth. This is driving innovation of new farming technologies that allow plants to grow without sunlight in indoor environments close to or within cities.

BrightBox research Centre Venlo

This ultra-modern horticultural facility makes it possible to influence all the factors that affect plant growth. It is the first European project where multi-layered production research into all of these factors can be carried out on a commercial scale. BrightBox offers the unique possibility of taking small-scale research of just a few square meters and completely up-scaling this into a full-scale production area.

Osaka Prefecture University

The GNG City Farm has been set up to promote the construction of city farms and to produce tasty and safe fresh vegetables for consumers. Equipped with 13,000 GreenPower LED production modules, this city farm currently produces 5,000 leafy green vegetables, such as lettuce, each day. The film shows what the automated city farm looks like inside and how the lettuce develops from a small cutting into a fully-sized crop.

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