Philips Avent Microwave steam sterilizer SCF282 Kills 99.9% of harmful germs Sterilizes in 2 minutes Fits 4 Philips Avent bottles Fits most microwaves



Which microwave setting should I use for my Avent steriliser?

Find the right temperature and wattage settings for your Philips Avent microwave steriliser with this simple scheme.

Microwave settings

If your microwave has wattage settings, please use the following setting:

Wattage: 1200–1850 W
Sterilising time: 2 min
Cool-down time: 2 min

Wattage: 850–1100 W
Sterilising time: 4 min
Cool-down time: 2 min

Wattage: 500–800 W
Sterilising time: 6 min
Cool-down time: 2 min

Rule of thumb

You can also choose the highest setting for 2 minutes and let the Philips Avent microwave steriliser cool down for 2 minutes.

The information on this page applies to the following models: SCF282/01 .

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