Philips PerfectCare Pure Steam generator iron GC7635/30 Max 5 bar pump pressure 240 g steam boost carry lock 1.5 l fixed water tank



My iron beeps and the orange Anti-Calc light flashes

Find out here why the Anti-Calc light flashes on your Philips PerfectCare Pure steam generator iron.

The Anti-Calc cartridge has run out

Replace the Anti-Calc cartridge. These are available to purchase from our online store.

You can temporarily use demineralised water or descaled water from the Philips IronCare (GC024) in order to keep using your product. To do this you will need to:

  1. Leave the empty cartridge in the compartment
  2. Pour away any tap water you were using
  3. Fill the tank with demineralised water — this will be detected by the sensor inside the tank and all iron functions will be restored.

The Anti-Calc light keeps flashing after a cartridge change

Your iron was plugged in during a cartridge change. Please unplug the iron, take the cartridge out and then put it back in. This will reset the Anti-Calc.

Please make sure that your Philips steam iron is always unplugged before replacing the cartridges.

The Anti-Calc light flashes every couple of weeks and there is a beeping sound

The Anti-Calc cartridge might not be fitted properly in the iron. Make sure that the cartridge is placed firmly in the steam generator. Correct cartridge placement will also extend the lifetime of your cartridge.

  1. Unplug the iron
  2. Remove and replace the Anti-Calc cartridge and press it in firmly
  3. If the issue continues, it might be that the water hardness in your area is high. Your iron will detect the calc in the water and give the Anti-Calc alert. We recommend that you use demineralised water for ironing.
  4. If the issue is still not solved, please contact Philips Consumer Care for a solution.

The information on this page applies to the following models: GC7635/30 .

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