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    X-treme Ultinon

    With Philips in Style all the way!

    Maximum road safety & style

    Upgrade your existing halogen head- & fog bulbs to the latest LED technology


    The Philips X-treme Ultinon LED bulbs provide you the best light performance and unique light design for superior safety and style.  



    LED’s provide X-treme brightness, give you a more intense color and assure the perfect cool color match for your entire front lighting.  



    The light beam (SafeBeam) is designed to match the pattern of your existing conventional bulbs, to make sure we keep you and other road users safe. The increased brightness of the high power LED’s will not hinder nor glare other road users.

    OEM Quality


    Using the latest LED performance technologies (e.g. AirFlux) and most durable components, Philips has been the preferred global supplier for carmakers for over 100 years.

    LED H4

    LED H4

    Philips LED intense bright headlights bring a sophisticated & modern light appearance to your car, and maximum visibility with +150% more brightness on the road than halogen lamp, for maximum driving safety and visual comfort.
    LED Fog H8/11/16 6200K

    LED Fog H8/11/16
    6200K / 6700K

    Bright white 6200K or 6700K high power LED light provides the perfect color match with Xenon and LED Headlights . Up to 45% more light on the road than standard halogen light. AirFlux optimal thermal design for ultra-long service life.
    LED Golden Yellow

    LED Golden Yellow

    Golden yellow 2700K high power LED fog car light, improves vision in adverse weather conditions. AirFlux optimal thermal design for ultra-long service life.
    LED T10 CeraLight 6000K

    LED T10 360° CeraLight 6200K/ 6700K

    Sparkling bright LED exterior car light, the perfect color match with Xenon and LED car headlights. 360° uniform light diffusion. 12 years lifetime, with Philips CeraLight technology.