AquaTrio Pro

Vacuums, mops and dries in one go for visible results and a complete wet clean on hard floors.


1. Cyclonic Vacuuming

Firstly, the AquaTrio Pro’s Cyclonic Vacuuming function efficiently sucks up dust and loose dirt like a regular vacuum cleaner.


2. Wet Mopping

Secondly, the AquaTrio Pro performs wet mopping as the first fast rotating brush effectively and quickly removes stains and spills from any hard floor surface.


3. Drying

Thirdly, the AquaTrio Pro begins drying as the second fast rotating brush absorbs the remaining water. This reduces the drying time by as much as 50% compared to manual mopping!

Why AquaTrio Pro is better than vacuuming + mopping or steaming?

  • Separate clean and dirty water tanks ensure you always mop with clean water, avoiding spreading the dirt around like a mop does 
  • Cleans more than 60m2 with only one water tank of less than 700ml saving up to 70% water compared to regular mopping
  • Floor dries up to 50% faster compared to regular mopping 


  • You save 50% in effort and up to 50% in time compared to regular vacuum cleaning followed by wet mopping


  • Save up to 50% energy compared to vacuuming with a 2200 w vacuum cleaner
  • Immediate start, no need to wait for the device to warm up like many other wet cleaning

The new AquaTrio Pro. How clean is your floor?

Allergy quality tested by ECARF. AquaTrio Pro water filtration has been certified as allergy-friendly by the European Centre for Allergy Research Foundation. The Aqua encapsulates Cyclone dust, allergens are absorbed in water and can not be spread again through the air. AquaTrio Pro removes 99% of allergens from cat and dog hair, dust mites or pollen for an allergy friendly environment.