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Portable Speaker System

    Portable Speaker System

    Portable Speaker System

    A multi-purpose active mini speaker system with Ultra Bass for enhancing music enjoyment with your PC or portable audio equipment.

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Portable Speaker System

Ultra Bass Philips Patented Technology

  • Bass response can be set to suit your preference

    Set the bass response to your personal preference using a control on the speaker system itself.

  • Built-in amplifier increases power for impressive audio

    With a built-in amplifier, even weak signals sound impressive on this powerful speaker system.

  • Philips patented Ultra Bass technology enhances bass tones

    Ultra Bass, a patented Philips technology, dramatically improves the perceived bass response of small speakers. It seeks out and plays the harmonics found in ultra-low bass frequencies to deliver sound quality that far exceeds your expectations.

  • Magnetic Shielding eliminates computer screen distortion

    Because the powerful magnets in speaker drivers are magnetically shielded, there''s no danger of image distortion or damage when placed close to your PC monitor screen.

  • No screen distortion when using close to a PC

    Shielding behind the driver's powerful magnets blocks the magnetic field, so you can safely place the speakers close to a PC monitor screen without risk of damage or image distortion.

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