How to create the Horseshoe mustache

Step by step guidance on how to create your Horseshoe Mustache

1. Pick up your trusty trimmer and trim all to about 3-5 mm. Choose a longer setting for the whiskers around your mouth.

2. Use a precision trimmer to create a straight line running from about 5mm from the outside corner of your lips to your chin. Then create a straight line running from the inside corner of your bottom lips to your chin.

3. Use the precision trimmer to also make sure the upper edge of your mustache is nice and clean.

4. You can now use your mini foil shaver to shave the space between the two columns on either side of your chin clean.

5. Shave your cheeks, neck and chin clean, taking extra care around your Horseshoe mustache. Using a rotary shaver, move in a gentle, circular motion.

Styling/maintenance of your Horseshoe Mustache
You’ll need to shave your cheeks, neck and chin regularly. Pay attention when shaping the borders of your horseshoe mustache: you don’t want it to lose a limb – that would be unlucky. Use a trimmer to maintain a nice even length.

Wanna horse around?
In the large mustache family, the Horseshoe Mustache is the black sheep…er horse. It doesn’t quite have the brains or determination of the Fu Manchu Mustache, nor does it have the upwardly mobile appeal of the Handlebar Mustache.
The Horseshoe mustache gets its name from being shaped like - you guessed it, a horseshoe. Horseshoes are often believed to be good luck, but if you hang your horseshoe upside down all the luck runs out. Which explains a lot, really.
The Horseshoe Mustache will probably spend its life on the face of a pro-wrestler, like Hulk Hogan. It may eschew civilized society altogether and join the Hell’s Angels. Whatever it does, it should avoid angular and oval faces as this mustache tends to make them look too long.