HMA 2016

Hospital Management Asia 2016

7–8 September | Booth #24-27 | Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

Paving the way for future health

We know that health happens where life happens—continuously. That’s why we’re innovating every day to bring you solutions that focus across the health continuum.


Our innovations span the health continuum, from prevention to home care. From hospital to home, we provide clinical and IT expertise to deliver across the health continuum.


Philips is proud to be a platinum sponsor of the 15th annual Hospital Management Asia (HMA) 2016. Visit our booth at #24-27 to meet our specialists and discuss future healthcare systems. Come join us at our plenary and special interest sessions as our speakers share the Philips approach to future healthcare systems.

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7-8 Sep 2016

Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

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Solving real world problems

Philips Telehealth Program-Self-monitoring cardiovascular problems

The Telehealth program brings care to patients’ homes and providing the convenience for them to easily monitor themselves as part of their daily routine, and to provide information and assistance when they need it. Watch the video to learn more.

Mobile Obstetrics Monitoring (MOM) service to help reduce maternal mortality

The first scalable commercial implementation globally, MOM utilizes a smartphone-based digital health service to identify expecting mothers who are at high risk of pregnancy-related complications. Watch the video to find out more.

Is the world ready for 
integrated healthcare?

Philips wanted to understand the perception towards connected care and the role it plays in the future of healthcare.


We asked patients and healthcare professionals in 13 countries for their views on how prepared their national health systems are to address future health challenges, to create the Future Health Index, based in access, integration and adoption.

Learn more about the 
Future Health Index

HMA 2016 Speakers

Plenary Session

Creating meaningful innovations for
future healthcare systems

Grand Ballroom
8 September, 10.25am–10.45 am

Johan Vooren

General Manager, Health Systems

Philips Southeast Asia

Urgent health challenges and fast-emerging digital technologies are prompting a global rethink of how healthcare is organized and delivered.


We need a new approach to healthcare; one that applies technology to address the communication gaps between the various parts of a healthcare system and then creates a constant feedback loop between patients and the institutions and healthcare professionals that provide treatment.


Join Johan Vooren, General Manager, Health Systems, Philips Southeast Asia as he introduces the Philips approach to healthcare of the future.

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Special Interest Session
How to care for the aging population

Room 5
7 September, 4.30pm–6.00pm

With an aging population and constrained healthcare manpower, Asia needs new care models to contain a possible onslaught of chronic diseases that overwhelm our healthcare system. Around the world, the use of telehealth has proved beneficial in improving health outcomes and reducing overall healthcare costs for well-defined populations.


Join Pang Sze Yunn, Head, Hospital to Home, Philips Singapore as she shares the Philips approach to clinical programmes through telehealth solutions, and how countries may adopt the telehealth model.


Pang Sze Yunn

Head, Hospital to Home

Philips Singapore


Dr. Chun-Hsing Huang

Director-Center for Integrated Geriatric Care,
Changhua Christian Hospital (Taiwan)

Visit Philips booth #24-27 to learn more about our total solutions for hospitals.



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Patient Safety

One in every six patients in the medical surgical areas of the hospital will face an unexpected complication. Directing caregiver attention to early signs of potential adverse events can help reduce costly resuscitation efforts or possible transfers to the ICU.

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