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New bed management processes for improved performance

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Building a successful bed management system to reduce LOS and costs

Augusta University Health (AU Health) was looking for validation and implementation support to achieve future-state process workflows with a new bed capacity management system.

The new bed management system aligns closely with earlier operational recommendations, including performance improvement, standardization, and change management initiatives for increased throughput and improved communications.

Philips consultants helped to develop new processes aimed to providing real-time views of current census for incoming/outgoing patients. By initiating these changes it is anticipated that AU Health will receive many successful outcomes within the first year, such as:

  • Improved bed management service performance
  • Reduced Length of Stay (LOS) index and bed request cycles
  • Achieve $1.1m savings as a result of the program
"Excellent processes have been implemented resulting in system alignment and integration of clinical throughput utilizing the newly implemented Bed Management System. Performance Improvement outcomes aligned with this project are reflecting enhancements with key metrics such as bed assignment times, discharge complete times, and transport times."

- Laura Brower, RN

VP, Chief Nursing Officer, & Associate Dean for Clinical Affairs AU Health System

Increased bed management efficiency and communications at AU Health

Our Approach

The Philips consultants developed a future-state bed management system to increase transparency and standardization, reduce manual and duplicative efforts, and improve communications.

Working closely with AU Health stakeholders, the team implemented change management programs and approved performance improvement metrics, targets, and measurement processes.

A monitoring plan was also put in place to help achieve the established targets and create a sustainable model for continued improvement.
Philips created new bed management process workflows to improve efficiencies and provide transparency.


The new bed management processes will help AU Health to improve efficiency and communication, providing real-time views of current census for incoming/outgoing patients.

AU Health has achieved the following results, six months post implementation: 


  • 28% reduction in  the time between when bed is requested to bed assignment
  • Transportation trips taking under 25 minutes to complete has increased by 27%
  • On track for achieving $1.1m savings as a result of the program


Increased bed management efficiency and communications at AU Health

* Results from case studies are not predictive of results in other cases. Results in other cases may vary.
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Shyma Adams


Shyma supports the delivery of strategic consulting services using her expertise in healthcare performance improvement, project management, and data analytics. She has helped create and implement unique solutions for complex health systems.

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