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Philips Integrated Cardiovascular Solutions Quick Scan at Rijnstate


As Rijnstate evolves into a regional center of knowledge and expertise, it has become necessary to expand and enhance facilities in certain areas of the hospital – including the cath lab department, which is managed by Caroline van Kouwen.

Together with Philips, we have created a strong platform for long-term collaboration that will improve the performance of our cath labs. Over time, we look forward to further developing this fruitful relationship.”

Caroline van Kouwen, Cath Lab Department Manager



The department manager explains the key challenges she faced: “We were planning to construct a new cath lab with a waiting room and two new catheterization rooms – and we wanted to renovate a number of working areas in the department as well. I needed to see what options we had to improve our work processes and set-up in the new department, and I wanted insight into whether two new catheterization rooms would be sufficient for further growth – or whether we’d soon need a third new room.”


Furthermore, Rijnstate required objective data for areas such as patient planning and changeover times. This information would empower the cath lab department to make decisions and execute activities that would help them to improve.

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Our approach


During discussions with Rijnstate, Philips consultants proposed to perform a Philips Integrated Cardiovascular Solutions Quick Scan. This ICS Quick Scan consisted of an analysis of the cath lab department for various quality parameters. Analysis of a data export from the cath lab’s cardiology information system was combined with stakeholder interviews and observations in the department.  Rijnstate wanted to analyze room occupancy, procedures, changeover times, patient waiting times, stock management and patient satisfaction for the two cardiac catheterization rooms.

clms quick scan approach

Philips Integrated Cardiovascular Solutions Quick Scan approach

The results*


The Philips consultancy team identified clear opportunities for short-term improvement and optimization of facilities without requiring further expansion. A clear baseline was defined for long-term discussions and planning.  


Reflecting on the Quick Scan process, Ms. van Kouwen is quick to highlight the benefits of Philips’ involvement: “It was good to have a ‘fresh pair of eyes’ come in and look at our cardiac catheterization rooms. Philips was able to analyze important quality parameters from an objective perspective – and many of our people were open to sharing insights and ideas for improvement with the Philips team.” The department manager highlights the clear communication flows throughout the Quick Scan: “I was very satisfied with the work method. The Philips consultants were very good at perceiving when was the right moment to make certain observations, and which people could be approached when. Communication with our cardiologists and nurses was very good, and all of our stakeholders received clear feedback after the Quick Scan – exactly as promised and delivered in the right way.”

Keeping momentum


After sharing the results across the department and completion of the Quick Scan, Rijnstate aims to maintain momentum. The cath lab department team together with Rijnstate’s board of directors and Philips, is in the process of defining how to implement an effective follow-up phase. As a next step, the team will look to define a baseline that will allow Rijnstate to achieve its long-term objectives. As for short-term changes, the Quick Scan has already highlighted several potential ‘quick wins’ – for example, shortening changeover times during lunch.


Looking ahead, Rijnstate’s cath lab department has a clear plan – underpinned by the results of the Quick Scan and supported by the Philips team. “Together with Philips, we have created a strong platform for long-term collaboration that will improve the performance of our cath labs,” Ms. van Kouwen concludes. “Over time, we look forward to further developing this fruitful relationship between Rijnstate and Philips.”


*Results from case studies are not predictive of results in other cases. Results in other cases may vary.

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Rijnstate is based at four sites in and around the city of Arnhem, in the Netherlands. The hospital is recognized nationally for its expertise in numerous areas, such as acute patient care and the treatment of cardiovascular disorders. Rijnstate’s cardiology facilities include a cardiac catheterization department comprising two cardiac catheterization rooms with fixed interventional systems. Procedures performed here include percutaneous transluminal coronary angioplasty, pacemaker insertion, ICD implantation, implantable heart monitor placement and electrophysiological examinations.v

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