Creating a state-of-the-art cardiology institute

Helping to design and plan for operational efficiency  

Healthcare facility design and planning consulting

A collaborative partnership between Argentinian Telecommunications Union (Telefonicos Union) and Philips was formed to develop an institution dedicated to providing a full continuum of cardiovascular care. It will include a cardiovascular diagnostic outpatient clinic and adjoining hospital in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

The greenfield project started as an equipment order for a diagnostic imaging department and evolved into a highly collaborative end-to-end partnership to provide a full suite of integrated cardiovascular solutions. The project further expanded to include healthcare facility design and planning consulting from our Healthcare Transformation Services team. 

Our consulting team provided guidance to optimize the clinical footprint, increase workflow efficiency, and enhance the care experience across the Clinica Del Parque Centenario, for both patients and staff.

I choose Philips to help carry out our dream of creating a state-of-the-art cardiology institute and provide our Telefonicos family with better care.”

Dr. Eduardo Peñaloza

Head of Cardiology / Intervention, Clinica Del Parque Centenario

Exceptional cardiovascular care center

Our approach

Healthcare facility design and planning

Telefonicos hfpd pic 1 B Roll image
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To confirm a shared purpose and expectation, our consultants helped to define and agree the vision of the new facilities across the various stakeholders. Ensuring a deeply collaborative engagement, the team worked with cross-functional groups of Telefonicos Union and Philips as well as the local architect firm, TSyA Architecture & Engineering.


Cocreation methodologies were used to ensure a collective and iterative approach. Several in-person workshops were held to best understand the clinical, operational, and financial goals. In these workshops, our consultants reviewed the patient journey, staff workflow, and technology requirements. Detailed staffing models were also shared.

Leveraging input from the workshops and industry best practices, design recommendations and changes to enhance the efficiency of the facility layout were shared, revised, and agreed. 2D/3D floorplans of each floor and department of both facilities provided visualization of the patient journey and staff workflow as well as showing the patient volume capacity data.

Telefonicos floorplan 1 image
Telefonicos floorplan 2 image

Sample overview floorplans of the hospital layout

Philips could help us to design and implement. They had medical professionals, architects, and designers so they were able to help us with every single detail.”

Dr. Facundo Peñaloza

Medical Director, Clinica Del Parque Centenario


The cardiovascular care center comes to life


Facility designs - for both the outpatient clinic and hospital - support workflow efficiency, provide an exceptional patient journey, and enhance the care experience for patients, family, and staff. A comprehensive spatial design overview clarified the vision and allowed the project team to proceed with confidence.

Telefonicos design rendering cath lab 1 image
Telefonicos design rendering room enscape image

Initial design renderings to help assess space utilization

We had a vision of what we wanted to do, but we didn’t have all the experience in how to do it, so we partnered with Philips to see it become a reality.”

Dr. Eduardo Peñaloza

Head of Cardiology / Intervention, Clinica Del Parque Centenario

Exceptional cardiology care for the community

The Telefonicos Union team, led by Drs. Eduardo and Facundo Peñaloza, are pleased with the cross-functional guidance and deep collaboration from Philips which helped to plan, design, and develop an exceptional care environment for the Clinica Del Parque Centenario. Our Philips team has delivered innovative healthcare technology, facility planning and design, IT services, and education programs. Both facility projects are well underway. Site preparation for construction of the outpatient clinic started in early 2022 and the hospital is scheduled to open three years thereafter.

Telefonicos facility at night foetra image

As Dr. Facundo Peñaloza takes the reins on bringing the project to completion, he and the Telefonicos Union team continue to work closely with Philips. The shared vision of a state-of-the-art cardiovascular medical facility in the heart of Buenos Aires now becomes reality.

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