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Smoking and COPD - Advice on quitting smoking


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What impact does smoking have on my COPD?

Smoking is the leading cause of COPD, so quitting smoking is the most important thing you can do to affect the progression of the disease. In fact, you will feel the benefit within just a few days of quitting smoking. It is true that stopping smoking is not easy, but there are many strategies and options to help you succeed. ¹⁻²


For women, smoking is often a way of coping with emotional stress more than nicotine addiction and so quitting smoking requires more emotional support and stress relief.

Whereas for men, smoking is more an addiction to nicotine, which can often be satisfied with traditional nicotine patches. ¹⁻³

You should always seek your doctor's advice on the different options available for quitting smoking and which ones might work best for you. We have highlighted some of the strategies that may help counter your social and emotional needs to smoke.

Hand holding a lit ciggarette

Strategies for quitting smoking

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Smoking and COPD - Get ready to quit

If you want to quit smoking, try to get motivated. Make a list of your reasons for wanting to quit. Make an outline plan that will help you in your effort to stop smoking⁵.

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Get medicine and use it correctly
Talk with your doctor and pharmacist about medicines and over-the-counter products that can help you quit smoking⁵.


Smoking and COPD
Find your triggers
Know what triggers you to smoke. For example, do you smoke after a meal, while driving, or when you're stressed? Plan to handle each trigger⁵.
lifestyle changes 3
Learn new behaviors
Try new activities to replace smoking. Regular physical active is good. Hobbies and activities that keep your hands busy are also excellent to help you cope⁵.
EX smokers group enjoys benefits of not smoking
Get support
Set a quit date and let those close to you know about it. Ask your family and friends for support in your effort to quit smoking⁵.
Women  experiencing nicotine withdrawal symptoms
Prepare for withdrawal
Be prepared for the challenge of withdrawal. If you feel like smoking, wait a few minutes for the urge to pass. Remind yourself of the benefits of quitting⁵.


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