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Screening and diagnosis


You may suffer from sleep apnea, you may take the sleep quiz. to evaluate your risk of having OSA.


The sleep specialist will determine the best screening or diagnostic test for you.Screening devices can be used to determine the likelihood of having OSA and whether you should be referred for further tests. To obtain a definitive diagnosis, an overnight sleep study (polygraphy/polysomnography) should be carried out, in the comfort of your own home or at the nearest sleep center. This overnight study is safe and painless and monitors your sleep, respiratory parameters and heart activity. 




The in-home objective screening device (RUSleeping RTS) provides a continuous record of the number of times you pause breathing during sleep. Your sleep specialist will be able to quickly determine from these readings if you would benefit from further tests.




The advanced portable sleep diagnostic (Alice PDx) records your breathing, heart rate and blood oxygen levels throughout the night so that pauses in breathing can be identified. This test can take place at hospital or at home.




The latest sleep diagnostic system (Alice6) is a more complete sleep examination that also records your brain activity.


“What to expect with a sleep study?”

Sleep studies are simple and painless and results can lead to many benefits.

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