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When to replace your sleep therapy equipment.  

Worn out equipment can lessen the effectiveness of your treatment. See when to replace it.

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When should I replace my sleep therapy components?


Replacing your equipment before it gets worn out is an important part of your sleep therapy routine. For specific products, please check the product details in the equipment choices section.




Signs that you should replace your mask or mask parts



It has leaks caused by seal deterioration in the mask


Facial oils deteriorate the sealing effect of cushions over time, even with proper hygiene. Don't tighten the headgear when you feel leaks. Over-tightening causes discomfort and pressure points, and can lead to additional leaks.



It’s damaged by improper cleaning


Use only mild, soapy water. Don’t use soaps with moisturizers or perfumes. Learn more about mask care >


Your mask doesn’t fit properly


A mask that doesn’t fit can cause you to readjust your mask continually and/or over-tighten the headgear, which reduces how long it can work effectively. Contact your provider to get re-fitted.




It has signs of aging or damage


These can be leakage issues, cushions that lose shape, and/or components or cushions that become cracked or torn.




When to replace your Philips sleep therapy components*




Nasal cushion


Pillows cushion


Full-face cushion


Filter, fine disposable


Filter, gross particle fooam










Therapy device


Suggested Schedule












Every 3 months


Every 3 months


Every 6 months


Every 6 months


Every 5 years


* It is recommended to check with your insurance provider to learn your covered replacement schedule.


How do I replace my sleep therapy equipment?


Contact your homecare provider for equipment replacement questions. They can help with insurance forms and replacement parts.




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