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Point-of-care ultrasound education tools at your fingertips

POC ultrasound education resources

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Philips point-of-care ultrasound education tools

Tutorials, quick guides and case studies authored by physician experts. 


Whether you are looking for an introduction to point-of-care ultrasound, want to learn more through real-life case studies, or wish that there was a way to connect with other clinicians for virtual training remotely, here you have it all at your fingertips. Our resources have been designed to further your knowledge of EMS ultrasound and critical care ulltrasound. No matter your specialty, with our education library tools you can find the information you need.                                             


And if you are short on time, Philips has also made available a POC quick guide series with training ranging from soft tissue to ruptured abdominal aortic aneurysms, to ultrasound-guided regional anesthesia. Explore Philips point-of-care ultrasound education tools, accessible anywhere, anytime.

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Additional Philips point-of-care education

Discover what Philips education and training has to offer and how you can hone your knowledge of point-of-care ultrasound

Philips instructor-led education

Philips instructor-led education

Our team of highly skilled clinical education specialists delivers our courses in a unique learning environment of small class sizes, small student-to-instructor ratios and small student-to-system ratios.

Virtual and in-person training

Virtual and in-person point-of-care ultrasound training

Explore Philips Healthcare Education for meaningful learning on point-of-care ultrasound through accredited courses.

Ultrasound webinar series

Ultrasound webinar series

Watch thought-provoking presentations, such as fetal imaging, contrast enhanced ultrasound exams and transvaginal ultrasonography in ectopic pregnancy.

More education resources

Recommended external sites to help you use point-of-care ultrasound:

Learn bedside ultrasound from Dr. Ben Smith, one week at a time

Dr. Jacob Avila’s basic instructions for point-of-care ultrasound exams

Tool to facilitate learning spine anatomy and ultrasound imaging of the spine

Interactive education from Toronto General Hospital Department of Anesthesia Perioperative Interactive Education

Cardiac ultrasound, lung ultrasound and eFAST from Toronto General Hospital Department of Anesthesia Perioperative Interactive Education

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Live, integrated tele-ultrasound solutions   


Philips Lumify ultrasound app can now connect you to colleagues. Philips has partnered with Innovative Imaging Technolgies Inc (IIT) to introduce Reacts platform for remote collaboration and virtual training. 

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