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New spectral benefits, proven low dose technology

Philips MicroDose mammography SI, with single-shot spectral imaging, is the first full-field digital mammography system that brings the potential of non-invasive spectral imaging to clinical practice. It provides spectral imaging of the breast within the standard low-dose mammogram, and without use of contrast media. But while the procedure is the same, the spectral images provide many new opportunities for measurement and analysis of breast composition like Spectral Breast Density Measurement.

High dose efficiency, high image quality


The Spectral Breast Density Measurement application is an optional feature of Philips MicroDose mammography SI. Like existing MicroDose systems, it uses direct digital, photon counting technology. This unique technology has created a paradigm shift in mammography, allowing high dose efficiency that makes it possible to conduct exams with low radiation dose – without compromising image quality.

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Why does Breast Density Measurement matter?


Breast density has been associated with a higher risk of cancer. It has been suggested that women with a breast density higher than 75% have a four to six-fold higher risk of developing breast cancer than women with little or no dense tissue.

Refine risk assessment


Rather than estimating density, the Spectral Breast Density Measurement application uses differences in the energy spectrum to differentiate between adipose and fibroglandular tissue to provide objective volumetric breast density measurement. This paves the way for refined risk assessment and personalized care.

Paving the way for personalized care:

  • Objective spectral volumetric breast density measurements
  • Objective scoring correlated to BI-RADS breast composition score
  • Automatic scoring can help reduce reading and reporting time
  • Refined breast density assessment can potentially lead to personalized breast examinations
  • Potential to use density as a marker of therapy success for tamoxifen¹

microdose si spectral imaging breast density measurements LM

Examples of breast images and breast density measurements from MicroDose SI

This new method of Spectral Breast Density Measurement opens up a new research field on risk of breast cancer. In five years from now I believe a low dose spectral mammogram with a Breast Density Measurement could be a starting point for a personalized screening plan with for example tailored screening interval and choice of imaging modality." 

Elena Cauzza

MD, xDonna Institute, Switzerland.

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For more information


Find out more about Microdose SI.


Download free clinical studies, showing the benefits of Breast Density Measurement.

Written by:

Audrey Boulinguez

Senior Field Marketing Manager, BG Imaging Systems 

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¹⋅Study led by Per Hall from Karolinska Institute in Stockholm Sweden. Changes in breast density point to tamoxifen’s effectiveness. April 22, 2013. AuntMinnie,com

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