Zenition 50 Mobile C-arm with Image Intensifier

Zenition 50

Mobile C-arm with Image Intensifier

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Point-and-shoot simplicity and reliable uptime make the Zenition 50 mobile C-arm with image intensifier the ideal systems for intensive use in interventions and surgeries. Part of the Zenition mobile C-arm family – a series of harmonized mobile C-arms that offers proven ease of use and future-fit capabilties.

  • Zenition mobile C-arm systems are available for sale in a limited number of countries. Please check with your local representative for availability in your market.
  • 1. Results obtained during user tests performed in November 2013 by Use-Lab GmbH, an independent company. The tests involved 30 USA based clinicians (15 physicians teamed up with 15 nurses or X-ray technicians), who performed simulated procedures in a simulated OR environment. None of them had worked with a Philips C-arm or with each other before.
  • 2. Eligible RightFit Service Agreements are available with Technology Maximizer.
  • 3. The clinical images are from the Philips BV Pulsera mobile C-arm and do not represent the final image quality of the Zenition C-arm system.