SnuggleUp Infant positioning aid

SnuggleUp Disposable style, large (over 2250g)

Infant positioning aid

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The SnuggleUp is a soft, cozy nest that helps to provide proper positioning and physiological stability for preterm and ill babies. The padded footroll and the soft, adjustable straps allow movement while gently maintaining appropriate positioning and flexion. Once comfortably nested in the SnuggleUp, the baby can be weighed, moved, examined or transported with fewer disruptions, which may help reduce stress on the developing infant. Disposable SnuggleUps are made from a soft, polyester, non-woven, non-flammable material. These can be used during admissions, procedures, transport, or when laundry facilities are not available. Disposable SnuggleUps are available with or without hook and loop closures on the adjustable wraps to keep arms and legs properly positioned and/or out of the way during admission or procedures.

  • Product may not be available in all geographies, please check with your Philips representative for complete portfolio availability.