MRCAT Pelvis MR-RT clinical application

MRCAT Pelvis

MR-RT clinical application

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MRCAT Pelvis lets you plan radiation therapy using MRI as a single modality solution. Within just one MR exam, MRCAT Pelvis provides excellent soft-tissue contrast for target and OAR delineation, and continuous Hounsfield units for dose calculations. MRCAT (MR for Calculating ATtenuation) data can be used for export to treatment planning systems for CT-equivalent** dose calculations. In addition, MR-based imaging enables CBCT-based positioning based on soft-tissue contrast with the look and feel of CT.


MRCAT Pelvis
MRCAT Pelvis
Compatibility MR system
  • Ingenia 1.5T and 3.0T MR-RT, Ambition 1.5T MR-RT and Elition 3.0T MR-RT
  • *Accurate means: MRCAT image acquisition provides ± 1 mm geometric accuracy of image data in 20 cm Diameter Spherical Volume (DSV) and ± 2 mm geometric accuracy of image data in 40 cm Diameter Spherical Volume (DSV)*. * Limited to 32 cm in z-direction in more than 95% of the points within the volume
  • **The simulated dose based on MRCAT images does not differ (Gamma analysis criterion 3%/3mm realized in 99% of voxels within the PTV or exceeding 75% of the maximum dose) in 95% of the pelvic cancer patients when compared with CT-based plan for EBRT