IntelliSpace PACS PACS archive solution

IntelliSpace PACS iVault

PACS archive solution

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IntelliSpace PACS iVault is a fast, always online medical image PACS archive solution. It provides images and information to users across your enterprise. It scales to millions of studies per year and hundreds of concurrent users.

Clustered Servers

Clustered Servers

Clustered Servers offer full redundancy.
Modular virtualization architecture

Modular virtualization architecture for scalable storage

IntelliSpace PACS iVault is based on an expandable array of RAID-5 Direct Attached Storage units. This modular architecture provides scalable storage to support the needs of a single stand-alone institution and distributed configurations for fully integrated healthcare networks.
Multiple Storage Servers

Multiple Storage Servers for extra protection

iVault offers extra data security by storing clinical data on its multiple storage servers. The servers also provide load balancing for fast and reliable data delivery.
Low cost retrieval

Low cost retrieval

Low cost retrieval enhances bandwidth usage over WAN.
24/7/365 Monitoring

24/7/365 Monitoring for rapid response to issues

Human support enables Philips Customer Care to identify and rapidly respond to issues that could potentially impact system performance.
99.99% Uptime

99.99% Uptime for life-critical services

System is guaranteed to be up and running for 99.99% of the time, giving you the security you need in life-critical situations.
Off-Site Disaster Recovery

Off-Site Disaster Recovery for complete data restoration

Philips Disaster Recovery Data Center works with you to develop a fully integrated Disaster Recovery Plan for your institution in case of natural disaster. This enables us to do a full data recovery within 96 hours.
Worklist Failover

Worklist Failover allows access in case of network failure

This feature allows you to access image data even if the central database server or WAN is not available.
Tier 1 Facility

Tier 1 Facility

Tier 1 Facility is designed for security and fault tolerance.
RAID-5 storage

RAID-5 storage for fast just-in-time delivery

All images in IntelliSpace PACS iVault are stored on RAID-5 Direct Attached Storage units, to facilitate image delivery in three seconds or less.