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Smartpath Catalyst conversion to Azurion

Philips SmartPath Catalyst to Azurion brings new life to your current system and makes it look and perform as if completely new. You retain highly valuable structural components and infrastructure of your existing Philips imaging lab, allowing costs to be reduced. At the same time, we will swap in new functional parts to your system, allowing you to bring your imaging technology up to date without the disruption and costs involved with purchasing a completely new system.
Azurion key features and benefits

Retain to gain

Cost savings

A converted Catalyst system could deliver significant savings compared to a new installation. Benefit from Azurion’s outstanding imaging technology and functionality without incurring unnecessary extra expense.
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Minimal room reconstruction

A Catalyst conversion significantly lowers room reconstruction costs, as elements such as the ceiling construction and floor plates are retained from your current installation. As there is no need for major reconstruction work, you will be able to meet building code requirements with little, if any additional effort.
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Reduced downtime

A Catalyst conversion reduces downtime compared to installing a brand-new solution, as there is no need for extensive, disruptive reconstruction work.
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Reduced need for training

By continuing to work with a Philips system, you retain familiar workflows and user interfaces – reducing the time and effort required to train your care delivery teams. As a result, your organization can immediately benefit from the workflow improvements of Azurion.
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Maintain patient capacity

A Catalyst conversion facilitates minimal disruption to hospital operation and patients, while helping to reduce the revenue losses that are caused by taking one of your systems out of service for a prolonged period of time.
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Program overview

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Philips SmartPath is a comprehensive upgrade portfolio that helps you extend the life of your equipment.
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Philips Azurion is the next generation image guided therapy platform that allows you to easily and confidently perform procedures with a unique user experience, helping you optimise your lab performance and provide superior care. Azurion has been developed over a number of years in close collaboration with our clinical partners to ensure workflow solutions that meet the continuing demands of the interventional lab.


We support you in delivering outstanding patient care by uniting clinical excellence with workflow innovation.

Azurion key features and benefits

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Interactively explore the new Azurion environment. See how its new innovations can transform your interventional workflow.


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