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Clinical workflow solutions

Manage patient-centered workflows virtually anywhere by synchronizing databases across different departments, vendors and locations.

Our comprehensive clinical workflow management solution improves collaborative efficiency with a paperless workflow and global worklist.

  • Seamlessly connect your existing RIS and PACS implementations across multiple vendors and sites.
  • Add workflow modules without costly integrations.
  • Improve reading load-balancing with intelligent worklist management.
  • Enhance collaboration with peer review and critical results notification.

Workflow management modules

Workflow information

Zero footprint workflow and clinical information management solution designed to improve workflow efficiency and patient care.
wofkflow information interface screen in a monitor
Web-based exam scheduling offers simplicity in any setting to improve the patient experience and facilitate communication with care providers.
Automate the patient’s diagnostic journey from order entry to results distribution, reducing errors and improving care.
Use the available zero-footprint web interface to request reports and workflows from various departments, either before or after acquiring and storing clinical data.

Features & benefits

Order management app
Easy electronic ordering of a radiology exam with simple, intuitive and quick procedure selection, including favorites. Interface with EMR, labs, and other systems, eliminating the need to capture data manually.
Schedule and check-in app
Quick scheduling to drive an efficient workflow with visualized indicators. Automatic recommendations or manual scheduling using simultaneous multiple-exam and cross-modality scheduling.
imaging platform workflow management workflow information feature image
Technologist documentation app
Access to important information captured earlier in the workflow and easy access to prior images via Vue Motion enterprise viewer module. Ability to change/add exams, monitoring of patients waiting list, including wait time and exam preparations and contrast material administration flow.
Radiologist app
Exam justification and prioritization to verify appropriateness of ordered exams, define priority, and provide more information. Access to important information entered throughout the workflow by the reading radiologist, such as scanned documents, technologist’s notes, etc.
imaging platform workflow management workflow information feature image

Global worklist

Index multiple archives stored on servers throughout your healthcare enterprise in order to present a single worklist seamlessly to end users.
global worklist interface screen in a monitor
Permission-based import ensures that authorized users and groups have access to manage exams, orders, patients and documents.
Display multiple worklists on a single screen, such as a subspecialty worklist plus a general radiology worklist.
Directly launch the diagnostic viewer and reporting solutions.

Features & benefits

Shared global worklist
Image acquisition and reporting can be performed seamlessly across multiple sites. Residents can be on call for more than one site at the same time.

Workflow orchestrator

Automatically deliver the most urgent studies to the most qualified radiologists to expedite reading and reporting so that appropriate treatment can be given as quickly as possible.
workflow orchestrator interface screen on a monitor
Users can read studies based on subspecialty and organize a peer review process to elevate the quality of diagnosis.
Automatically present the most relevant study to speed turnaround time. Use the real-time analytics dashboard to track performance and service metrics for actionable analytics.
Access reports and follow-up by ordering physician. Use screen sharing, chat and link invitations to simplify and improve collaborative relationships.

Features & benefits

imaging platform workflow management workflow orchestrator features thumbnail L
Functions seamlessly with all the Philips Clinical Collaboration Platform modules (Enterprise Viewer, Interactive Reporting, Administration and of course the Diagnostic Client).
Provides sub-specialized and prioritized worklists, including relationship management.
Load balancing
Supports more evenly balanced reading workloads.
Quality control
Improve quality control of readings through peer review.
Exposure mechanism
Ensures that all exams are read, with our "No Study Left Behind" exposure mechanism.
No expensive integrations
Delivers exceptional performance by eliminating the need for expensive integrations between disparate systems.
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Automatically deliver the most urgent studies to the most qualified radiologists to expedite reading and reporting so that appropriate treatment can be given as quickly as possible.
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