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How safe is your

Ultrasound patient data?

    Tackling the security challenge


    The Healthcare industry is increasingly reliant on connected computer networks to help deliver better care, to more patients, at lower cost. And while the benefits for care providers and their patients are clear – so is the growing technology risk.


    Healthcare providers face a significant threat from data security breaches – research shows that over a two year period 94% of hospitals were exposed by a breach¹. Not only does this present a clear patient data security threat, but can also significantly damage the provider held responsible – with reports suggesting that providers could lose $305 billion in patient revenue over the next five years due to cybersecurity attacks².


    ¹ Third Annual Benchmark Study on Patient Privacy, Ponemon Institute, December 2012

    ² The $300 Billion Attack, Accenture, October 2015

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    Our approach to Ultrasound security


    As key assets within a hospital’s network, Ultrasound devices are vulnerable to data security breaches – however most Ultrasound systems are developed only for clinical capability, not security. Not at Philips. Our portfolio of EPIQ, Affiniti, CX50, and SPARQ Ultrasound systems are built around the defense-in-depth principle and deliver an outstanding set of data security features comprising of five core layers;


    Pioneering security strategy

    When it comes to medical device security - Philips is recognized as an industry leader. We understand the importance of securing your medical devices and protecting your patient data. Together we can maintain a secure environment by remaining vigilant and identifying the ever-changing cybersecurity threat landscape. We are committed to meeting the needs and requirements of our customers. 

    Defense layers can include security policies, procedures, access controls, technical measures, training, and risk assessments which are combined to help protect you against hackers, malware, and prevent unauthorized access.  

    Insights to protect your Ultrasound data  

    We recognize that as a Healthcare professional it is not uncommon to feel vulnerable to data threats. To keep up to date with the latest developments that can help your facility to operate a robust, sustainable approach to security – download our best-practice materials here:

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    Our Ultrasound portfolio

    Talk to our experts


    For more information about how Philips can support your Ultrasound security needs, contact one of our expert team to discuss the best approach for your organization.

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