Philips Lumileds

In November 2007, Philips Lumileds officially opened a new production facility in Singapore. This LUXEON® high power LED production facility is its first outside of Silicon Valley and will extend Philips Lighting’s LED leadership while accelerating the growth of the solid state lighting industry.

Founded in 1999, Philips Lumileds Lighting Company is the world's leading manufacturer of high-power LEDs and a pioneer in the use of solid-state lighting solutions for everyday purposes including automotive lighting, computer displays, LCD televisions, signage and signaling and general lighting.

The company's patented LUXEON® Power Light Sources are the first to combine the brightness of conventional lighting with the small footprint, long life and other advantages of LEDs. The company also supplies core LED material and LED packaging, manufacturing billions of LEDs annually, and ranks as the producer of the world's brightest red, amber, blue, green and white LEDs.

Philips Lumileds is headquartered in San Jose, California. Besides its high power LED production facility in Singapore, it also has operations in the Netherlands, Japan and Malaysia and sales offices throughout the world.

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