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Unrivalled Philips Sonicare technology for amazing cleaning power.

Philips Retiree Rescue Project

While automated external defibrillators such as Philips HeartStart AED are situated in public, most witnesses of a sudden cardiac arrest remain bystanders. Be part of the Retiree Rescue project as a certified rescuer with training provided by Singapore Heart Foundation. When every life matters, every rescuer counts

Breathe Better with the #GiftofCleanAir

Breathe in the difference clean air can bring to your family’s overall well-being when you keep air pure for everyone. Discover how we help remove 99.97% of common airborne allergens with the Philips air purifier that help 83%^ of allergy sufferers & 100%* of pregnant women feel that their families breathe better.


^*Based on consumer research with Philips Air Purifiers, Rakuten AIP, March 2017 (^n=35, *n=12) 

Oral care just got smarter with  DiamondClean Smart 

With Smart Sensor Technology, you will never brush too hard or miss a spot anymore. Your personalized feedback and coaching expert for 100% oral health confidence.

Easy and healthy start: Choose, blend and take it to-go!

Blend it, twist it and take it to-go! Your mornings have just gotten simpler. Pick the Viva Collection Blender, for smoother smoothies and blends. The motor is developed with ProBlend6 technology for effective blending and mixing, to ensure that all of your ingredients are finely blended.

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