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Join our Better Me, Better World initiative to help us shape the way we support good causes in 2018 and we'll reward you with 30% off your next purchase at the Philips online shop.

Philips Retiree Rescue Project

While automated external defibrillators such as Philips HeartStart AED are situated in public, most witnesses of a sudden cardiac arrest remain bystanders. Be part of the Retiree Rescue project as a certified rescuer with training provided by Singapore Heart Foundation. When every life matters, every rescuer counts

Azurion, performance and superior care become one

This new-generation image guided therapy platform allows you to easily and con dently perform a high volume of procedures with a unique user experience, helping you optimize your lab performance and provide superior care.

Grill what you love, lose what you don't

We all love a hearty barbecued feast but not all the trouble that comes with it. Or the fact that bad weather could ruin the fun. With the Philips Smoke-less Indoor grill, everyone can enjoy healthy, delicious barbecued food anytime. Hassle, smoke or rain not included.

Fry. Grill. Roast. Bake.

Eat well in 2017 with the versatile Airfryer

Does the idea of cooking and eating healthy meals sound daunting? Fret not, the new Philips Viva Collection Airfryer is here to the rescue! Hit the reset button for your health with our series of recipes for easy, wholesome dishes – specially co-created by a professional chef and people like us who just want to have our cake and eat it too.

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