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Witness the unveiling of our new APAC Center

Today marks a significant moment in our history and heritage in Singapore. Philips introduced our foundation to make life better, the new APAC Center, to the world.

The much-awaited launch event was graced by Minister of Trade and Industry, S Iswaran, our global Executive Vice President, Ronald de Jong, our CEO of ASEAN Pacific, Fabian Wong and many more.

“Our new Philips APAC Center – that will house our APAC headquarters and innovation activities – serves as a gateway to the region. Singapore, with its strong pool of skilled talent, is critical to us as we are increasing our focus into health technology. Our business is going through a transformation – from a supplier of individual medical and consumer products to a provider of integrated health technology solutions and services. This means that our facilities and ways of working need to transform as well,” said Mr Wong.


Mr de Jong also emphasized the need for a center that is focused on healthcare innovations. “Today, the world faces significant healthcare challenges with an aging population, the rise of chronic diseases and global resource constraints that limit the access to quality healthcare. I am convinced that these can be addressed through new and more highly integrated care delivery models enabled by health technologies and new business models. It is vital that we innovate with our partners in a meaningful and locally relevant way.”


The APAC Center is a timely addition to HealthTech in Singapore, as Mr Iswaran put it, “Philip’s transformation into a health and wellness company, with a growing emphasis on innovation and value creation is very much aligned with our imperatives for the future of Singapore’s economy. And it will foster a deeper partnership between Philips and Singapore.”

The APAC Center came to life with over 500 of our local and international Philips employees witnessed the unveiling. Experience the key moments of this historic event here.

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