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    Philips Airfryer Week

    Cook faster, healthier & tastier

    Yum! It’s Philips Airfryer Week! Healthy cooking just got even easier – with all the best features of a Philips Airfryer to create deliciously tasty, healthy food, without all the oil. Philips Airfryer, your smart choice for healthy meals.


    Enjoy up to 40% off selected products on this page from 20th May – 26th May 2024. Plus get the baking kit at $1 with any purchase of HD9880/90 or HD9285/91, while stocks last!

    Airfryer Accessories

    Baking tray

    Master how to bake delicious cakes, bread and cook gratin, quiche and much more, in an easy, quick and healthy way.

    Bundle discount: get the baking kit for only $1 with any purchase of Philips Airfryer models HD9880/90 or HD9285/91, while stocks last!

    NutriU app

    NutriU app

    Delicious recipe ideas to your needs

    Hundreds of recipes, tips and personalized recommendations

    Daily inspiration to discover favorite recipes

    Step-by-step instructions to become a better cook 

    Seamless remote control of your Airfryer*

    NutriU QR code

    * Only connected Airfryers

    NutriU app screens

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    Get answers to the most frequently asked questions

    What are the recommended temperatures and time settings for my Airfryer?


    Fresh fries

    Amount: 800-1200 g

    Time: 18-25 min

    Temperature: 180 ° C


    Frozen fries

    Amount: 400 g

    Time: 12-16 min

    Temperature: 180 ° C


    Sweet potato fries

    Amount: 500 g

    Time: 18-25 min

    Temperature: 180 ° C


    Potato slices

    Amount: 600 g

    Time: 18-25 min

    Temperature: 180 ° C

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    Chicken (whole)

    Quantity: 1.2 kg

    Time: 14 min to start, then 20 min

    Temperature: 200 ° C to start, then 180 ° C


    Chicken fillet

    Amount: 250 g

    Time: 8 minutes to start, then 8 min

    Temperature: 140 ° C, 180 ° C


    Chicken wings

    Quantity: 6-8 pieces

    Time: 15 -20 min

    Temperature: 180 ° C


    Amount: 100 - 400 g

    Time: 6-7 min

    Temperature: 180 ° C




    Time: 7 min

    Temperature: 200 ° C


    Pork fillet

    Amount: 400 g

    Time: 12 min

    Temperature: 200 ° C

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    Amount: 300 g

    Time: 15 min

    Temperature: 180 ° C


    Amount: 400 g

    Time: 15 min to start, then 3 min

    Temperature: 180 ° C, 200 ° C

    Cold, (frozen)

    Amount: 400 g

    Time: 10 min

    Temperature: 180 ° C

    Fish sticks (frozen)

    Amount: 100-500 g

    Time: 8-10 min

    Temperature: 200 ° C

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    Quantity: 6 muffins

    Time: 16 min

    Temperature: 160 ° C


    Chocolate cake

    Quantity: 10-12 slices/ servings

    Time: 15 minutes

    Degrees: 160 ° C

    Snack Potato chips:

    Amount: 400 g

    Time: 25 minutes

    Temperature: 200 ° C

    Kale chips

    Amount: 200 g

    Time: 15 minutes

    Temperature: 200 ° C

    Spring rolls

    Amount: 100-400g

    Time: 7 min

    Temperature: 200 ° C

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    Do I need to preheat my Airfryer before use?

    You don’t need to preheat the Airfryer before cooking. Simply add the ingredients, set the time and temperature and you’re ready to get started.

    Can I use ovenproof moulds in my Airfryer?

    All types of ovenproof moulds can be used in your Philips Airfryer. However, for the best fit and results, check out our accessories specially adapted for Philips Airfryer.

    Can I get a recipe book for my Airfryer?

    Download the Philips NutriU app for iOS and Android for delicious recipes, recommendations and tips.

    Download the Philips NutriU app

    How do I clean my Airfryer?

    All of the removable parts are dishwasher safe, so you can easily clean your Philips Airfryer after use. Simply follow the instructions to clean the inside and the heating element of your Philips Airfryer.

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