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Apr 30, 2018

Philips Empowers Parents and Children to Breathe and Live Easy

  • 20% of the world’s population suffer from respiratory allergic diseases
  • Asthma is the most common chronic disease among children

Singapore – World Asthma Day is marked on 1 May this year, and Philips encourages Singaporeans to understand the importance of healthy, clean air in order to take greater control of personal health and well-being, especially for parents and their young children.

Globally, 334 million people1 suffer from asthma and it is estimated that number will grow by more than 100 million by 20252. Asthma is the most common chronic disease among children3, and can be difficult to diagnose, with most cases of diagnosis occurring only when they are over the age of five.

Triggers, Effects and Misconceptions of Asthma

More than 80% of children suffer from allergic asthma4, which means their asthma is triggered by allergens such as mold spores, pet dander, dust mites and pollen. Other asthmatic triggers include microscopic PM 2.5 air particles, bacteria, viruses and changes in temperature and humidity. For children that suffer from asthma, the impact on their quality of life can be significant. Recurrent asthma symptoms frequently cause sleeplessness, daytime fatigue and school absenteeism.


It can be a scary and stressful time for parents who have learnt that their child has been diagnosed with asthma, and it can be very hard to understand what they can do to help manage the condition. There is a misconception that once diagnosed with asthma, a child should limit their daily activities to avoid provoking an asthma attack. However, childhood is filled with exploration and games, and while an asthma diagnosis can be unnerving, it should not mean they need to miss out on anything. If it is well-managed, they can continue to do the things they love and dream about.

Optimizing Your Living Environments

Philips believes there is always a way to make life better and this World Asthma Day, Philips wants to help build parents’ confidence to manage their child’s asthma. Although asthma cannot be cured, appropriate management can control the chronic disease and ensure a better quality of life for those suffering from the condition.

While triggers of a child’s asthma symptoms may seem beyond our control, there are measures parents can take to control the home environment and improve indoor air quality.

Dr. Chiang Wen Chin

President, Asthma and Allergy Association Singapore

“Improving indoor air quality has the potential to reduce many irritants that can trigger a child’s asthma symptoms. These include allergens, pollution particles and humidity. While these triggers may seem beyond our control, there are measures parents can take to control the home environment, which is especially crucial as children spend most of their time there,” said Dr. Chiang Wen Chin, President, Asthma and Allergy Association Singapore.

 Philips Series 3000i Air Cleaner

Innovations That Empower Consumers for Breathing and Living Easily

The Philips Air Purifier Series 3000i AC3259/305 is specifically designed to make it easy and convenient to take control of indoor air health, and combat poor air quality.


Combining AeraSense and VitaShield IPS technologies6, the Philips Air Purifier Series 3000i allows you to accurately monitor and improve the quality of indoor air. VitaShield IPS technology uses natural filtration to collect and retain many contaminants, leaving indoor air cleaner. The Air Purifier Series 3000i also comes with three auto modes – a General mode, an extra-sensitive Allergen mode, and an extra-powerful Bacteria and Virus mode. In addition to the three auto modes, the purifier also has five manual modes, from the extra-quiet ‘Sleep’ mode to the extra-powerful ‘Turbo Speed’ mode, so you can choose based on your specific purification need. Through a numerical display, color ring, and connected Air Matters app, you are also able to visualize and monitor the quality of your indoor air in real-time.

About Royal Philips

Royal Philips (NYSE: PHG, AEX: PHIA) is a leading health technology company focused on improving people's health and enabling better outcomes across the health continuum from healthy living and prevention, to diagnosis, treatment and home care. Philips leverages advanced technology and deep clinical and consumer insights to deliver integrated solutions. Headquartered in the Netherlands, the company is a leader in diagnostic imaging, image-guided therapy, patient monitoring and health informatics, as well as in consumer health and home care. Philips' health technology portfolio generated 2016 sales of EUR 17.4 billion and employs approximately 73,000 employees with sales and services in more than 100 countries. News about Philips can be found at

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