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    Philips Support

    Troubleshooting Smart Door Locks

    Published on 29 April 2024
    This guide addresses common issues with smart door locks, covering installation, settings, and user instructions.
    Please follow below steps:
    1. Ensure the door is locked and facial feature is enrolled.
    2. Check if the energy-saving/Eco mode is disabled.
    3. Verify if there are any obstacles in front of the door lock.
    4. Touch to wake up the keypad and check if facial recognition is enabled.
    Check if it's set to silent mode/mute mode.
    If the system is in manual mode; please switch to automatic mode. Alternatively, if the door gap is too wide, the strike plate may not push the assistant bolt to retract upon closing. In the open door state, press the assistant bolt to test if the main deadbolt pops out. If not, please contact the seller for assistance.
    Check if the safe handle switch is turned to the red scale; if it's already in the red scale, please switch to the green scale.
    The square shaft is too short, or the spring is not inserted when installing.
    When verifying fingerprints, ensure that the fingerprint recognition area is clean and free from foreign particles. The fingerprint surface should be dry without any moisture. Maintain a consistent angle during fingerprint verification as used during the initial fingerprint enrollment. Register the same fingerprint from different angles to enhance recognition accuracy. Additionally, you can enroll multiple distinct fingerprints.
    You can use the mechanical key by locating the keyhole at the bottom of the lock and rotating it towards the hinge direction. Alternatively, you can use a 5V power bank as a power source by connecting it to the charging port at the bottom of the lock to power it up and unlock the door. After unlocking, please promptly replace the batteries or recharge the Li-polymer battery.
    The square shaft of the interior assembly is either not installed or too short.
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