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    Flossing reinvented with Quad Stream

    Cordless Power Flosser
    Power Flosser
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    Power Flosser

    Up to 180% more effective for healthier
    gums vs. manual floss*
    Cordless power flosser

    Cordless Power Flosser

    Removes up to 99.9% of plaque in treated areas*
    *in an in-vitro study, actual results may vary

    Discover the power of X

    Power of X
    Quad Stream technology

    Quad Stream technology

    Unique X-shaped nozzle creates 4 streams for up to 99.9% plaque removal*. Quad Stream covers more area and requires less technique than a single stream nozzle, for fast and effective flossing.

    X-shaped Quad Stream tip

    Complete clean in just 60 seconds**

    Two unique nozzles to personalize your clean

    *in an in-vitro study, actual results may vary
    **in a Clean mode

    Pulse wave technology

    Pulse Wave technology

    Guides you from tooth to tooth with gentle pulses of water, for a more thorough, effective clean. In Deep Clean mode, it releases pulses of water in intervals that guide you from tooth to tooth - so you get it right every time.

    Easy and effortless technique

    Improves your gum health

    Helps you clean hard-to-reach areas

    Flexible soft silicone nipple


    A new and improved high-performance nozzle features a softer tip for better comfort and a wider spray to cover more tooth and gum surface.

    Quad Stream Nozzle (F3)

    Focuses water into 4 wide streams that remove plaque and a soft rubber guide for an effortlessly thorough clean

    Standard Nozzle (F1) 

    Provides single stream of water for removing debris and plaque

    Multiple modes and intensities

    to balance pressure and comfort for a gentle yet effective clean.
    Choose between 3 intensities and up to 2 modes to personalize your flossing

    Cordless Power Flosser

    Choose between 3 intensities and up to 2 modes to personalize your flossing.

    Clean Mode

    Continuous water flow for everyday clean between the teeth and along the gum line

    Deep Clean Mode

    Distinct pulses to help focus on cleaning between teeth for a deep clean

    3 Intensity Settings

    Adjust the intensity to your comfort level

    Our journey to become a leader in sustainable technology

    Our production facility for blades uses 100% renewable electricity

    White line

    Our packaging is made with recycled paper or renewable sources

    White line

    All shavers come with an Eco Passport

    Product Features 

    Choose between 3 intensities and up to 2 modes to personalize your flossing

    Two Modes

    Consist two nozzles: Quad Stream nozzle
    and Standard nozzle

    3 intensity settings

    USB-C Charging

    Large Reservoir: 250ml

    Dishwasher safe

    Travel Case

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