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    Can I increase the memory of my Philips photoframe?

    Yes, by inserting a memory card into the Digital Photo Frame. The internal memory of Photo Frame is fixed and cannot be expanded.

    Note: For example, inserting a 1 GB memory card will allow you to store hundreds of Photo's more.

    The information on this page applies to the following models: 8FF3WMI/00 , 8FF3CME/75 , 10FF3CDW/00 , 8FF3CME/00 , 8FF3CDW/00 , 10FF3CME/05 , 10FF3CME/00 , 8FF3FPW/97 , 6FF3FPW/00 , 8FF3FPW/75 , 8FF3FPW/05 , 8FF3FPW/00 , 8FF3FPB/75 , 8FF3FPB/00 , 7FF3FPB/00 , 7FF2FPAS/05 , 7FF2FPAS/00 , 6FF3FPW/75 , 6FF3FPW/05 , 10FF2XLE/05 , 10FF2CME/00 , 7FF2M4/05 , 7FF2CWO/00 , 7FF2CMI/00 , 7FF2CME/00 , 10FF2CMI/00 , 10FF2CMW/00 , 10FF2CWO/00 , 10FF2M4/05 , 10FF2XLE/00 , 5FF2CMI/00 , 7FF2FPA/05 , 7FF1M4/11 , 7FF1MS/00 , 7FF1M4/75 , 9FF2M4/05 , 7FF1M4/05 , 7FF1AW/05 , 7FF1AW/37 , 7FF1WD/05 . Click here to show more product numbers Click here to show less product numbers

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