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    CD Soundmachine

    Blue, 3W, Digital tuning AZ215N/12


    How to use the tuner of my Philips soundmachine?

    1. Adjust the source selector to Tuner.
    2. Adjust the Band to select your desired waveband, MW (AM) or FM.
    3. Turn Tuning to tune in to a station.

    To improve radio reception:

    • For FM, extend, incline, and turn the telescopic antenna for best reception. Reduce its length if the signal is too strong.
    • For MW (AM), the set uses a built-in antenna. For best reception, direct this antenna by turning the whole set.

    The information on this page applies to the following models: AZ215N/12 , AZ215R/12 , AZ215B/12 , AZ215S/12 , AZ137/12 , AZ105S/79 , AZ127/73 , AZ127/12 , AZ1027/79 , AZ1047/98 , AZ1027/73 , AZ1027/12 , AZ1047/61 , AZ1027/61 , AZ1037/98 , AZ1021/05 , AZ1022/12 , AZ1022/61 , AZ1309/61 , AZ1017/61 , AZ1021/12 , AZ1037/61 , AZ1037N/61 , AZ1021/79 , AZ1123/78 , AZ1830/98 , AZ1017/98 . more less

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