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    TV support

      Find manuals, FAQ’s and software updates for your TV:

      How to find the TV model number?

      How-to Videos - Unboxing and setup

      Unbox Philips OLED 973

      Unbox Philips OLED 873

      Set up Philips TV

      Connect an external device

      How-to Videos - Channels and image

      Install channels

      Sort channels (Linux TV)

      Sort channels

      Configure picture styles

      How-to Videos - Internet & Smart TV

      Connect Philips TV to WiFi

      Cast app content with Chromecast Built In

      How-to Videos - Software updates

      Update software via internet

      Update software via USB

      How-to Videos - Remote control

      Pair the remote control

      Update the remote control software

      Easy Remote usage

      Pair the Easy Remote

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