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    Pubic Hair Removal: The best bikini hair removal methods

    Reading time:  5 min

    Do you like it finely trimmed or completely smooth? Something just for bikini season or visits to the pool, or more of an everyday thing? Whatever your preference, there are several options for choosing the best bikini hair removal method, so you can remove hair from your bikini zone safely and effectively. 

    When it comes to pubic hair removal at home, methods include shaving and intimate waxing to the so-called ‘permanent’ hair removal with IPL. There’s no best way to remove pubic hair; instead, it's the method you are most comfortable with.

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    Intimate hair removal by shaving
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    In many countries, shaving is by far the most popular method for removing hair from the intimate area and armpits. It’s quick, easy, and affordable. While manual razors can cause skin irritation and even cuts, there are electric shavers specifically designed for bikini line hair removal. 

    Here are four simple steps for using a shaver for bikini hair removal:


    1. You should first trim long hair so you can see better where you shave.  
    2.  It’s easier to shave during (or right after) a shower or bath.
    3.  When using a manual razor, make sure to apply shaving gel or foam. 
    4. Always shave or trim in the direction of hair growth to avoid irritation.  

    Pubic hair removal by epilation

    If you try epilating your bikini line, you can enjoy two to three weeks of smooth skin. That’s because epilating removes the hair along with its roots. 
    Here are the three steps you need to follow when epilating your bikini line:
    1. First, trim longer hairs.  
    2. Exfoliate the area. With the Philips Epilator Series 8000, you can use the exfoliator attachment.
    3. Then use an epilator such the Philips Epilator Series 8000. Thanks to its clever lighting function, you can detect hairs even in tricky areas. Make sure you use the attachments for sensitive body parts to avoid skin irritation. 

    Intimate waxing

    Waxing, like epilating, removes the hair from the root, and can be painful at times. 

    Here are four steps for correctly using wax for intimate hair removal:


    1. Use hard wax for intimate waxing. It’s suitable for coarse hair and protects the skin.  
    2. Trim your pubic hair to approximately six millimetres.
    3. Heat the wax and apply some of it on the inside of your wrist. This way you can make sure that it isn’t too hot.
    4. Then follow the instructions on the packaging to wax your bikini zone. Remember to pull your skin tight while pulling it off to reduce pain. 


    Using hair removal cream for pubic hair removal at home


    It sounds like a practical solution for pubic hair removal: apply a hair removal cream and remove it after a few minutes. Unfortunately, it’s not that easy. These creams contain chemicals that irritate sensitive skin and can damage the pH balance. You should always make sure that the cream doesn’t come into contact with any sensitive internal areas. 

    Here’s how you can use hair removal cream for bikini hair removal:


    Tip: Read the instructions on the packaging thoroughly before using any product on an intimate area. Make sure any hair removal cream is appropriate for the bikini zone before applying. 


    1. Test the product on a small area in your bikini zone before applying it on a larger area. Wait 24 hours so you can be sure that there are no adverse reactions. 
    2.  Now you can apply the cream to the outer areas and remove it as per the instructions.  
    3.  If you are unsure about where you can use the cream, only use it where you are sure, and use a different hair removal method on the remaining, more sensitive areas. 

    IPL: Bikini area hair removal that lasts


    IPL delivers long-lasting bikini line hair removal (and for other parts of the body as well). In fact, regular treatment makes for a significant reduction in hair growth, which means you can achieve long-lasting bikini hair removal along with silky smooth skin. This makes it one of the best ways to remove pubic hair, although it does require some investment. 

    Here’s how IPL helps you with your intimate hair removal:


    With an IPL device such as the Philips Lumea Prestige, the treatment at home is very easy – just make sure you read the manual before the treatment, and never use it on sensitive areas like the inner labia, the vagina, or the anus. 

    1. Get started by shaving, epilating, or waxing the body area before treatment.
    2. Select the setting based on your skin tone with the SmartSkin sensor.
    3. Press the precision attachment treatment window on your skin at a 90-degree angle. Wait for the ready to flash light and press the flash button.
    4. Slowly slide the Lumea Prestige across the treatment area while flashing. Avoid covering the same spot twice. 

    If you’re looking for the best bikini hair removal options, then we’ve got you covered. With our guide to intimate hair removal, you can choose from shaving, epilating, waxing and IPL. Ultimately which method of bikini line hair removal you choose will be personal preference, but at least you can now make an informed choice and know exactly how to use your chosen method.

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    Discover your beauty every day.

    Whether you are looking for facial, hair care or hair removal beauty solutions – Philips has everything you need.

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