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    How to maintain the battery life of my Philips tablet?

    Although most of the lithium batteries can last years, improper care can harm the performance of the battery, i.e. the battery will be unable to hold a charge and hence will be drained more quickly than you expect; and the battery life will be shortened.

    Below are some tips to better maintain the battery:

    • Do not leave the battery fully charged. Do not leave the charging cable plugged in when the battery is already charged to 100%.

    • Allow shallow discharges. Both low discharge (e.g. to a level of 90%) and a high discharge (e.g. to a level of 0%) are not healthy for your lithium-ion battery. When possible, keep the battery in the range of 40% to 80% because this gives better number of cycles-to-usage ratio.

    • Fully discharge the battery once a month. Lithium-ion batteries nowadays allow the device to tell how long the battery level can still be last (e.g. “1 hour, 20 minutes remaining”). This feature can get mis-calibrated after frequent shallow discharges. Therefore, on top of the second point above, it is recommended to fully discharge your battery once a month to make sure the calibration stays accurate.

    • Keep the battery in a cool environment. Hot environment (e.g. in a hot car or under the sun directly) degrades the health of battery more quickly than a cool one does. Leave the tablet in a cool environment with good ventilation, especially when charging the tablet. Do not place the tablet in a heat trapping pouch.

    The information on this page applies to the following models: PI4010GB1/98 , PI3100Z2/58 .

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