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    What do the symbols on my Philips S9000 Shaver mean?

    If you would like to find out what the symbols and indicator lights on your Philips S9000 Shaver mean, please find an explanation of each symbol below. 

    Note: The depictions below only apply to the latest S9000 Shaver models. If you own an older S9000 model or another shaver series, please visit our other articles. 

    Main menu (shaver turned off)

    When your shaver is turned off, you can use the main menu button (with three dots) to navigate through four menu items. These items are listed below, with numbers corresponding to the illustrations provided.
    1. Battery: the current battery level of your shaver is shown on the display.
    2. Motion feedback: the motion feedback score from your last shave is shown on the display.
    3. Travel lock: whether or not the travel lock is turned on is shown on the display. Turn it on or off by holding the menu button for 3 seconds.
    4. Bluetooth pairing: this icon indicates the Bluetooth pairing status of your shaver. 

    Note: the icons mentioned above are only visible when the shaver is turned off.

    Main menu (shaver turned on)

    When your shaver is turned on, pressing the main menu button allows you to switch between the three Pressure Guard sensor settings. Depending on your chosen setting, the light ring on your shaver will provide full pressure feedback, partial pressure feedback or no pressure feedback.

    Post-shave feedback

    If activated via the app on your mobile device, your shaver handle can provide you with feedback on your motion and pressure after each shave. The feedback is provided in the following format, with numbers corresponding to the illustrations below:
    1. A good amount of circular motions were made with the shaver, and the pressure applied was also correct.
    2. More attention should be paid to making circular motions with the shaver when shaving.
    3. The following 2 icons will appear in your post shaving feedback if you apply too little pressure (first image) or too much pressure during your shaving (second image). 

    Note: pressure feedback is also provided during your shave by your shaver's light ring (if enabled) and additional detailed feedback can be found in the app.

    Notification and warning icons

    Your shaver handle may display a notification or warning symbol from time to time, and each of these symbols is explained below (with numbers corresponding to the illustrations provided:
    1. Battery low: the battery of your shaver is running low. Please charge your shaver.
    2. Memory almost full: the data storage on your shaver is nearly full. Sync your shavers with the app to avoid data loss.
    3. Thorough cleaning: the shaving unit is heavily soiled. Please thoroughly clean your shaver in the manner indicated in the user manual before its next use.
    4. Incorrect supply unit: an incorrect power cord or supply unit is inserted into the shaver. Please use the power cord or supply unit provided with your Philips shaver.
    5. Unplug before use: please unplug the shaver from the power supply before use.
    6. Quick Clean Pod cleaning reminder: give your shaver a quick clean in the Quick Clean Pod.
    7. Cleaning reminder: clean the shaver under the tap in the manner indicated in the user manual.
    8. Cleaning underway: the cleaning process is in progress and the display shows the remaining cleaning time in seconds.
    9. Cleaning interrupted: the cleaning cycle has been interrupted. 

    The information on this page applies to the following models: S9982/50 .

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