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    Philips Support

    My skin is irritated after using my Philips Shaver

    Updated on 20 September 2022
    If you are a new user of the Philips Shaver, or you have replaced the shaving heads, keep in mind that your skin needs to adapt to the (new) shaving heads. This means that your skin may feel slightly irritated in the beginning. Allow yourself an adjustment period of two to three weeks with your new Philips Shaver system. You may also use Aloe Vera cream/lotion, a gentle moisturizer or an alcohol-free aftershave lotion to minimize skin irritation after shaving. Also consider allowing some adjustment time to give the skin to recover between sessions.

    Some tips below to get the best result out of your Philips shaver and to avoid discomfort and irritation.
    • Make sure your skin is clean before using your Philips shaver.  
    • Always make sure the shaving unit is in full contact with your skin.  
    • Apply gentle pressure and move the shaving unit slowly, in circular movements over your skin.  
    • Pre-trim long or hard to shave hair.  
    • Allow some adjustment time period and give your skin some time to recover in between sessions.
    • When cleaning the shaving heads, cutter and guard, keep in mind they are all matching sets. If you accidentally put a cutter in the wrong shaving guard, it may take several weeks before optimal shaving performance is restored.

    The information on this page applies to the following models: S3133/57 , S5444/03 , SP9873/15 , S9982/50 , S5582/20 , S7783/50 , S5579/60 , S5588/17 , S1121/41 , S3122/51 , S1223/41 , S6630/11 , S7970/26 , S7910/16 , S1030/05 , S1070/05 , SP9860/13 , SW6700/91 , SW5700/07 , SW6700/14 , S5572/06 , S5550/44 , S5572/10 , S9751/33 , S9551/41 , S7370/12 , S7510/41 , S7710/26 , S5380/26 , S9111/12 , S9111/26 , S9511/41 , S9711/31 . Click here to show more product numbers Click here to show less product numbers

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