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    Manual or electric breast pump? How to choose the best breast pump

    Breast pump buying guide

    Jumpsuits can be chosen for the cute factor. Breast pumps, on the other hand, often need a little more consideration. If you’re new to the parenthood scene, this quick guide will help you understand the difference between a manual breast bump and an electric breast pump, so you can know which breast pump will best suit your lifestyle.

    Why should you express breast milk?

    This is a handy place to start because it isn’t as obvious as it might seem. Moms express milk for all sorts of reasons. Some moms start expressing milk if their baby is having trouble nursing and they’d like to continue breastfeeding down the track. Others use it as a way to relieve full breasts or give their baby breast milk when they can’t be there.

    The three types of breast pumps

    In the world of breast pumps there are three key players to consider:


    Some moms swear by the speed of a double electric breast pump, while others prefer the mobility of a manual breast pump. So when we talk about choosing the best pump, we’re not so much talking about a ‘correct’ choice we think all moms should go with. The best breast pump for you is the one that suits your lifestyle, your baby’s needs and yep, even personal preference.


    Get clear on your needs

    Let’s narrow down the search by getting clear on your and your baby’s needs—or at the very least try to anticipate them!

    Here are some things to ask yourself:


    • How frequently do you plan to express? Every day or just every so often?
    • How important is it to express quickly?
    • Will you need to travel with the pump? Or is it just for home?


    Don’t worry if it feels a little like guesswork. You’re allowed to be a beginner! A healthcare professional can also offer advice.

    Find the best breast pump for you

    So now that you know what to consider, here’s how each breast pump stacks up against one another.



    Double Comfort Electric breast pump

    The Double Comfort Electric breast pump is the most efficient of the three. Although it’s a bigger investment, you’ll get more milk in a shorter amount of time, making it a good choice for moms who express every day, at home or at work.

    Best for: Moms who want to save time



    Single Comfort Electric breast pump

    The Single Comfort Electric breast pump is the more portable option in the electric range. You’ll get the same comfortable design and technology as the Double Electric, plus a battery pack that allows you to pump if there’s no electricity outlet close by.

    Best for: Moms who want an everyday all-rounder



    Manual Comfort breast pump

    What manual breast pumps lose in time, they gain in portability. Want something that’s light and fits in your hand bag, or only planning to express every so often? A manual breast pump gives you flexibility and a simple backup option.

    Best for: Moms who want a portable option for on the go, or occasional expressing



    Still not sure which breast pump is the best for you?

    Still not sure which breast pump is the best for you? That’s okay. It can be hard to anticipate exactly what you’ll need—which is why we designed our electric breast pump to convert easily into a manual pump. For those times when you need something for on the go, just attach a handle and diaphragm and stem (both available online) to your electric pump. You’re now good to go!



    Want to know more about our breast pumps? Click here to explore the range.

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