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    StraightCare Essential ThermoProtect straightener

    ThermoProtect technology, Keratin-infused plates, 6 temperature settings BHS376/00

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Can curling or straightening damage my hair?

    If you are concerned about the effects of curling or straightening your hair using a Philips Hair Styler then please read our advice below.

    Using high temperature styling devices

    Hairstyling devices like curlers and straightening irons operate at high temperature to reshape your hair. This can be rough for your hair if used too often and may cause split ends. We advise giving your hair at least a day's rest between styling treatments.

    Using hair care products

    We recommend taking extra care of your hair while using hairstyling devices. You can apply a heat protecting spray or serum to your hair before using your Philips Styler.

    Make sure you read the label of these products carefully to check if they can be used with high-temperature products.

    Also use a conditioner after shampooing your hair, as this prevents your hair from drying out.

    Keep your styler clean

    It is very important to keep your Philips Hair Styler clean and well-maintained. Before cleaning your straightener or curler make sure it is not hot. For proper cleaning instructions please refer to your user manual or call us for help.

    The information on this page applies to the following models: BHS376/00 , BHS377/00 , BHB876/00 , BHB864/00 , BHB869/00 , BHS675/00 , HP8698/03 , HP8324/03 , HP8302/00 , HP8339/20 , HP8362/20 , HP8698/00 , HP8343/00 , HP8600/40 , HP8345/00 , HP8333/03 , HP8362/00 , HP8333/00 , HP8339/00 , HP8361/00 , HP8298/00 , HP8361/07 , HP4658/00 , HP4686/22 , HP8310/00 , HP4668/22 , HP4698/22 , HP8290/00 , HP8600/00 , HP8331/00 , HP8300/00 , HP4668/29 , HP4686/00 , HP4638/00 , HP4698/10 , HP4696/10 , HP4661/00 , HP4648/37 , HP4669/07 , HP4667/00 , HP4688/00 , HP4696/01 , HP4698/01 , HP4657/00 , HP4659/07 , HP4665/00 , HP4625/00 , HP4642/00 . more less

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